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Featured activities

Photograph a black caiman

Limoncocha lagoon is the kingdom of this animal of almost seven meters of length. From little canoes the people stands in silence to photograph it.

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Fauna, Flora and Ecotourism

Rejuvenate under a waterfall

San Rafael waterfall is a swarm of energy, a source of play and some say it is the source of eternal youth.

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Fauna, Flora and Ecotourism

Whale watching in Puerto López

Discovering this Ecuadorian paradise will make the visitors comfort with the simpleness of nature. At the same time, the warm weather and the whale company will make your trip pleasant.

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Put makeup on like a warrior

With the rhythm of the river sounds you can assist to rituals in which the visitors are painted with harmless vegetable pigments.

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Wear a macana

Located in the park La Carolina, in the Botanic Garden you can not only walk in a kingdom of plants but also discover the flora existing in our country.

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Recreation and Adventure

Walk through the Ice Merchant Route

It emulates the journey of the Ice Merchants of Cayambe, who since pre-Columbian times climbed to the glaciers to get ice pieces.

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Recreation and Adventure

Immerse yourself in thermal water

64 km to the east of Quito we can find Papallacta, a moorland with a beautiful cloud rainforest. Thermal waters spring out in this area.

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gastronomy and leisure

Taste the sweets from Manabí

In this village you can find a wide variety of the traditional sweets of this region: alfajores, encocados and much more.

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gastronomy and leisure

Eat fanesca

With the Cucuruchos arrival, the Holy Week penitents, it also arrives the exquisite fanesca, a typical dish made from a variety of grains.

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City Tour

Read in El Ejido Park

El Ejido Park, located in the center of the ecuadorian capital, is one of the most traditional parks of Quito and counts with a library that seeks to promote reading in kids, adolescents and adults.

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Cruise through the enchanted islands

Visiting the marvelous islands and enjoying the rich gastronomy is an experience that everyone must have at least one in a lifetime.

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Take a Walk in the Middle of the World

25 km from Quito, near the monument, it crosses the famous equatorial line where you can put one foot in each hemisphere.

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Located in the middle of the world, 2.800 meters above the sea level, with more than 2.500.000 inhabitants, is the second city in size in Ecuador.

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Fauna, Flora and Ecotourism
Recreation and Adventure
gastronomy and leisure
City Tour

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The Ultimate 'Bucket List' Trip

Galapagos, Ecuador

South America’s Leading Airport 2014

Mariscal Sucre International Airport, Quito, Ecuador.

South America’s Leading Luxury Train 2014

Cruise Train

South America’s Leading Tourist Board 2014

Ecuador Ministry of Tourism

South America’s Leading Green Destination 2014


South America’s Leading Destination 2014

Quito, Ecuador
Av. Gran Colombia and Briceño.
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