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Tips for tourists

Just like in any other touristic destination in the world, while traveling to Ecuador it’s essential to take precautions and security measures that will allow you to fully enjoy all the activities that this beautiful country offers. 

This section presents all the practical recommendations and important advice for the trip’s planning, transportation inside and outside the country, and tours to the great number of natural and cultural places.

Before Starting a Trip
1 Tell a family member or another close person the route that you are planning to take and the approximate time you will remain in Ecuador.
2 Find out in detail about the destination, places and attractions to visit. It is important to know the emergency phone number, language and contact information of the embassy or consulate of your native country.
3 Verify all the necessary documentation to get into the country and if they are valid all along the trip.
4 When traveling with children or teenagers, carry all the necessary identity documents.
5 Always travel with a copy of the documents in case you should need them.

Carry around personal medicines of frequent use, a basic first aid kit, and a personal hygiene kit.


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