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Quito, Pichincha
Quito is only the start of a magical adventure. From the capital city you can travel everywhere and get to know the 4 different worlds that Ecuador has to offer you. Beaches at the Coastal region, mountains in the Andean region, biodiversity at the Amazon region and the enchanted Galápagos Islands are waiting for you with open arms. Here you will learn to love life.
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Quito was proclaimed UNASUR (Unión de Naciones Suramericanas) Headquarters, and it became the center of official countries. meetings among the South American


At Quito we can find the Middle of the World Monument, the TelefériQo and La Carolina Park. All those are picturesque, iconic places in the Ecuadorian capital city.


In a relatively small surface we can find some of the last remaining dry forests, subtropical – mist forests and even Andean moorlands of the country. This variety of ecosystems holds and extraordinary diversity of flora and fauna, that is often unknown for the people who live in Ecuador.


The weather is cold, so it is recommended to wear a jacket/coat.


Middle of the World tours, urban biking.


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