Bird Watching in Ecuador

Bird Watching in Ecuador

11 September , 2015 / Ecuador Travel

Ecuador, famous for being the country of the four worlds and, as its name suggests, it’s located in the middle of the world. Ecuador is consideredthe epicenter ofbirdwatching due to the plentiful species of bird life that it has and the abundant alternatives for bird watching.

Additional to the wonderful species thatowns, Ecuador has everything that birdwatching demands to exceed the expectations of the tourists, such as: a unique infrastructure that ensures comfort and satisfaction for the tourist home and abroad, variety of incomparable places with unique characteristics. Ecuador, also offers great facility fortourist’s mobility, so in this way you can visit many places in a relatively short time, and of course a diversity of ecosystems rich of incredible species of birds. 

Ecuador owns over 1.600 species of birds, three times more than in all Europe. In this wonderful country the closeness between the regions allows you to see many species of birds while you go through cloud forests, moors, valleys of the Andes and finish in the Amazon, is an advantage that not all countries has.

It is not a coincidence that more than 5.000 bird watchers visit each year this amazing country. In Ecuador, bird watching is extremely easy because birds are everywhere and there are many facilities for this exciting activity, such as: routes and eco-routes, excellent trails, comfortable lodges and eco host, canopy,experiencedguidesand extraordinary bird books references. Add to this a good road network, very accessiblecosts,extensive phone coverage, so you can deduce that the best things for bird watchers occur in this small but fantastic country.



The Metropolitan District of Quito is geographically placed in the parallel 0° 0′ 0″, surely an ideal destination in the region for endemic and exotic birdwatching. Its diversity of ecological zones and microclimates that vary between 500 and surpassing 4.700 meters of altitude, make possible the perfect habitat for 542 species of birds, allowing the traveller to go from the high Andean plateaus to the inside of the Andean cloud forest of the Chocó. 

Within Metropolitan District of Quito you can find wonderful natural sites with variety of avifauna. Here some of the main places we have:

  • Yanacocha Reserve: 3.200 masl; 41 – 59°F.9 km Northwest from Quito.
  • Yunguilla Conservation Area: Km. 20 Northwest ofQuito, Calacalí – La Independencia Highway.
  • Maquipucuna Protected Forest: located in Nanegal, 70 km Northwest fromQuito.      
  • Pahuma Reserve: Km 43Northwest of Quito.
  • Bellavista Reserve: Km 52 in the way from Quito toNanegalito, 12 km to Tandayapa.
  • Santa Lucía: located in Nanegal, 74 km from Quito.
  • Mashpi Protected Forest: 110 km Northwestfrom Quito.
  • Cayambe Coca National Park and Papallacta: 65 km from Quito, northeast.
  • PululahuaGeobotanical Reserve: 17 Kmnorthwest from Quito, close to the Middle of the World.
  • Antisana Ecological Reserve andPintag: 50 km east from Quito.