18 October , 2018 / By: Mintur
The knowledge and flavors that are inherited from generation to generation are part of the heritage and culture of Ecuadorians. To know one of the most emblematic dishes of Ecuadorian cuisine, such as “hornado”, brings us closer to the unmistakable aroma of our land, our past. The history of hornado, which is consumed from Carchi to Loja and is part of Ecuador’s Gastronomic Map that highlights 24 specialties (one per province), have its origin in one of the ships of Christopher Columbus, on his second trip to America. The story…
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04 October , 2018 / Por: Wander Bus Ecuador
Ecuador is a magical country, full of surprises and adventures. In every corner, you can discover some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes in the world. Galapagos Islands How could you make a list of the most epic destinations in Ecuador and not include the world famous Galapagos Islands? Home to Darwin’s theory of evolution and all of the marvellous animals that were used as evidence in his scientific exploration, the islands are a truly unique destination. The Galapagos are composed of 21 islands, each totally different in vegetation, animals,…
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19 August , 2016 / Ecuador Travel
The Rio 2016 Olympic Games are about to end, but we suggest you follow your own race through South America. We have an ideal route to keep the Olympic flame burning. How to travel to Ecuador from Brazil From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil follow your way by making a first stop in São Paulo, one of the largest cities in South America. Following this concrete jungle, go into the nature of Foz do Iguaçu and visit the Iguazu Falls. These amazing waterfalls can be visited from Brazil and Argentina. Once…
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18 August , 2016 / Ecuador Travel
Colaboration from: Fun Travelog The journey from the airport to the center of Quito’s historical district makes the city’s 9000 foot elevation apparent to even the most tired traveler. Dense clouds shroud rural neighborhoods and tall trees intersperse with homes of various sizes. Streaks of color from the occasional graffiti lined wall are hard to miss too. Our stay in the old town, a UNESCO world heritage site, made it easy to explore the city’s main sights. Starting with this view of the city. The view. Once a part of…
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11 August , 2016 / Ecuador Travel
With the beautiful Pacific Ocean caressing the shore, the beaches of Ecuador live the eternal love between the sand and the sea. Visit them is something you must do when traveling through the country Whether you look for adventure or to relax, the best beaches in Ecuador are waiting for you to put your feet on the sand and to bathe in the warm waters. Therefore we will recommend beach resorts that will surely make you fall in love and to always come back again. 1. Engabao, Guayas It’s one…
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27 July , 2016 / Ecuador Travel
One of the routes you can not miss when traveling through Ecuador is the Avenue of the Volcanoes. This consists in several volcanoes, snow capped mountains and hills in the center and north of Ecuadorian Andes. But before you get to know the giants, you must know the love story of the volcanoes of Ecuador. Considering that, from the indigenous worldview, the Earth or Pacha Mama (Mother Earth) is a living being, the beings that inhabit in it, such as volcanoes and mountains are living beings too. This is why…
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11 September , 2015 / Ecuador Travel
Ecuador, famous for being the country of the four worlds and, as its name suggests, it’s located in the middle of the world. Ecuador is consideredthe epicenter ofbirdwatching due to the plentiful species of bird life that it has and the abundant alternatives for bird watching. Additional to the wonderful species thatowns, Ecuador has everything that birdwatching demands to exceed the expectations of the tourists, such as: a unique infrastructure that ensures comfort and satisfaction for the tourist home and abroad, variety of incomparable places with unique characteristics. Ecuador, also…
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21 July , 2015 / Ecuador Travel
DISTINTIVO Q, RECOGNITION OF QUALITY TOURISM SERVICES Background The Metropolitan District of Quito, through Quito Tourism, the public entity responsible for overseeing the tourism development in destination, seeks to highlight and recognize tourism businesses that have taken positive steps in improving product and offer tourists world-class services by recognizing them with the Distintivo Q recognition. Quito’s strategic tourism plan includes a series of initiatives aimed to make the tourism offerings of the city attractive to would be visitors and the city of Quito a world-class sustainable destination. Part of the…
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29 April , 2015 / Ecuador Travel
Biking in Ecuador Passionate persons who have made adventure biking part of their lifestyle and enjoy it to the fullest, have the perfect setting to do so in Ecuador. The Ecuadorian geography offers natural settings that allow the development of the sport with different technical levels, enjoying several drastic changes in climate and vegetation. Biking circuits are integrated into other activities such as accommodation, food, crafts and visits to the towns that make up the routes, attracting a conscious tourism demand that enjoy contact with nature. 1. Route Yaguarcocha –…
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23 October , 2014 / Ecuador Travel
You cannot miss the ecuadorian amazon. Photo: Mintur. By Lauren Horning I studied abroad in Ecuador in the spring of 2014. During my five month stay, I planned some trips, but many adventures happened spontaneously. I cherish the stories and memories I now have, so I wanted to share my list of top things to experience in Ecuador. I feel like my identity is a mixture of my home (the United States) and my beloved second home (Ecuador). This list sums up the motto “Ecuador Love life”.   Ecuador Tourism…
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26 September , 2014 / Ecuador Travel
They say that life is more deliciuos at the sea. This is how it tastes in Libertador Bolívar. Photo: Tamara Yazigi. Tamara Yazigi, Francia The name Libertador Bolívar, which reminds me to the historical character (Simón Bolivar), sounds like a tough name for such a little town! There is only one street, two rows of houses on each sides, a hill behind and the beach ahead. The foreigners are rare compared to the famous Montañita, which is only at 10 min away. On this town between Manglaralto and Montañita, you…
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20 August , 2014 / Ecuador Travel
A weekend in Baños full with activities. Photo: Tamara Yazigi. Colaboration: Tamara Yazigi Oh! Baños, Baños, Baños… so far, the place I find the most breathtaking of Ecuador. It’s a city nested within the ecuadorian Andes that amazes. There are a lot of different kinds of landscapes in Ecuador: from the endlessness beaches, to the legendary jungle, including villages built of wood and bamboos, to megalopolis with more than 3 million habitants; but the Ecuadorian Andes… Wow! It is something special… Every curve of the road opens to new sceneries.…
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