Mountain Guide
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In Protected Areas:
All Natural Protected Areas in Ecuador are free, except for the Galapagos National Park.

Tour guides are required to carry their valid license issued by the Ministry of Tourism at all times.

If the main purpose of your visit is a mountain hiking activity, it is advised to be accompanied by a specialized guide that knows the area

Plan your visit. If you travel alone you must advise your lodge, friend or family member your arrival time. Respect the limits signs.

It is advised for your safety to carry on: Thermal blanket, lanterns, flares, medicines, first aid kit.

Use sunscreen cream and lipsticks with high protection index (SPF-UV-50++)

The weather in the mountain can vary. In case of storms and/or fog, it´s recommended to look for a shelter or a safe zone, kneel, keep near the ground.

Carry enough food and hydration with you for the journey

Altitude Sickness

It is a physical condition that you could experience at altitudes higher than 2500 meters (8200 feet) above sea level. Due to a lower atmospheric pressure, the concentration of oxygen in the air decreases, thus your body needs to make a greater effort to carry the necessary oxygen to the various tissues.

  • Do not expose yourself to high altitude if you have a chronic heart or pulmonary disease, high blood pressure, or anemia
  • Do not expose children under four years old to high altitude
  • Do not drink alcohol, energy drinks, or smoke
  • Perform an acclimatization process in advance
what to do?
  • To prevent or reduce the symptoms:
  • Drink hot sweet beverages
  • Walk slowly
  • Eat food that has carbohydrates, such as fruits and cereals
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