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Puerto Ayora

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It is also a good place to observe pelicans, marine iguanas, herons, sea lions, and large numbers of blue-footed boobies. During most of the year it receives the fresh breeze of the sea, which gives the city a very pleasant climate, especially during the warm season (December to May).


Puerto Ayora has a privileged location, protected along the shores of Bahía de la Academia, a busy port normally full of boats that carry tourists between the Islands, fishing boats and private yachts.

Useful Data

Puerto Ayora is the main populated center of the archipelago. Its geographic position has turned it into the main passenger distribution center to the other islands.
The Charles Darwin Foundation is located in this island.


By sea: From Baltra island in barges that cross the Itabaca channel that connects the Baltra and Santa Cruz Islands. All tourists arrive to the island and to Puerto Ayora using this method. From the other populated islands a person can arrive to this destination through cabotage boats. By air: from the Continental mainland a person may arrive to the airport located in Baltra island.

Suggested Route

By air.


About 1100 kilometers from the Continental mainland, one hour and 45 minutes of flying time and 2 hours from Puerto Baquerizo Moreno using a cabotage boat.







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