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If what you are looking for is a sports activity that includes adrenaline and that challenges your abilities taking them to the limit, mountaineering is the adventure sport indicated for you. In Ecuador, you will find some options.

The highlands offer corners to enjoy them. One of the routes to practice this sport is the one of the Pichinchas, that can initiate in the cable car of Quito or in the Parish of Lloa. From Cruzloma you can walk along a very marked path to the Rucu Pichincha, which reaches 4,690 m (15,387 ft), the total distance of 7 km (4 miles) in about 4 hours. From the Guagua Pichincha you can reach the edge of the crater, cross to the Rucu and get to Cruzloma, for this, it requires some physical preparation. This route is 14 km (8 miles) and takes around 7 hours.

Main destinations around Quito: The Antisana and the Laguna de la Mica, the Pita River canyon, the Molinuco waterfall, the Cotopaxi National Park, the Pasochoa Protective Forest, Illiniza Sur, the Boliche and El Altar.

Where to do it?


The also known as “Carita de Dios”, declared by UNESCO as the first Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 1978, has an infinity of places to discover and activities…

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min 50°F max 71°F

Cotopaxi Natural Park

The Cotopaxi volcano, an almost perfect snow cone that stands at 5,897 meters of altitude is something unique on the planet and is perhaps, along with Galápagos, the greatest symbol…

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min 14°F max 68°F
min 11154ft max 19347ft

Chimborazo Reserve

The Chimborazo, the highest mountain in Ecuador, is the face of this reserve. The colossus is 6,268 meters high and is surrounded by an immense sandy area with a rather…

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min 32°F max 50°F
min 10498ft max 20564.3ft

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