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Romance Destinations

Again and again feel the intensity of love in the country of the four worlds.  We create the perfect link so that passion envelops you between aromas, colors, flavors and unique textures that this paradise on earth offers.

Ecuador is the epicenter of romance.  We have extensive connectivity so that in a short time you move through our scenarios that begin at the edge of the sea, reach the point closest to the sun where you will overcome the clouds, and then sigh in the lungs of the planet.  Between the Coast, the Andes, the Amazon and the Galapagos there is a path of countless fantastic and innovative establishments, with qualified personnel, without forgetting the biosafety protocols, to create the most romantic scenarios and experiences, and to be confidants of an unforgettable union.

Discover all the wonders that our worlds have for you.

Ecuador is Love!


Swimming near sharks, watching the sunset in front of the beach with a herd of sea lions or giant tortoises and enjoying quiet bike rides near the pier, are some of the pleasures of an unforgettable couple trip from the enchanted islands, the "Galapagos", which houses 13 main islands and 215 islets, one of the most beautiful places and islands in the world.

San Cristóbal Island, Santa Cruz Island, Isabela Island, Cruises.

The Galápagos Archipelago keeps majestic natural landscapes, unique in the world. Home to around 220 endemic species of flora and more than 100 of fauna, protagonists of the Theory of Evolution developed by Charles Darwin. The most pristine destination on the planet that has one of the most fascinating marine reserves in the world, an essential journey to connect with your partner.


Finch Bay – Santa Cruz Island

Costa del Pacífico

For romance and wedding tourism, Ecuadorian beaches are one of the must-see attractions, thanks to the alternatives that becomes a multicolored variety. Couples can choose to explore Esmeraldas, Manabí, Guayas, Santa Elena and El Oro through the Ruta del Sol. Lonely beaches, picturesque fishing villages, pre-Columbian cultures and the Mecca of the world surf "Montañita" will allow you to rest, relax and forget about the world in the middle of the sea, the sun, the sand, the breeze and the precious sunsets caress the senses of the travelers.


Paradisiacal blue landscapes combined perfectly with the purity of the sky and the sea, accompany fascinating kilometers of soft sandy beach. Esmeraldas offers a warm climate and the ideal setting to promise eternal love facing the sea.


Imagine a place where earth and water dance together harmoniously. A scenario that hooks you, that makes you fall in love with its movement; a game of lovers where the sea courts the earth and the earth returns the flirting permanently. A destination located in the Pacific Coast to fall in love again and again. Yes, Salinas.


A cluster of ideal landscapes and contrasts for romance and wedding tourism, because they combine the greenness of its meadows with the glow of snow and the blue sky in summer. The cities of the Ecuadorian Andes maintain the artistic, cultural and architectural legacy of the colonial period with special care. Museums, churches and convents keep invaluable works of art, creating perfect places to seal a pact of love. They are joined by the multicolored and cultural expression, and the numerous indigenous ethnic groups that reside in this region and that preserve the Ecuadorian customs and traditions.


Strolling through its streets and intimate corners, protected by beautiful churches and chapels, makes Quito a perfect destination to live love and fall in love at every moment. The city, with the best preserved Historic Center in South America and declared a World Heritage Site, offers a wide variety of places with magnificent stories, traditions and fascinating landscapes that will last in that special day for all eternity.


Quito's Historic center


Casa Gangotena Hotel

Mama Cuchara Hotel


Cuenca merges culture, nature and tradition. One of the best ways to explore this city is by walking through its narrow cobblestone streets full of history, taking the hand of the person you love. A city declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity that offers a destination with important historical vestiges, ancient churches, museums and houses with facades that reflect the influence of European architecture.


Historic Center of Cuenca


Hostel Dos Chorreras

Hotel Boutique Santa Lucía


In the Ecuadorian Amazon considered a lung of the world for its extensive flora and fauna. Romance and wedding tourism is uniquely displayed among rivers, lakes, streams and wonderful waterfalls. home to 600 species of fish and more than 250 amphibians and reptiles, which is the natural setting to enjoy the exuberant nature and closeness of the indigenous peoples, detained in time with their customs and millenary traditions in total splendor and harmony with the environment.

Province of Napo

In the exuberance of the Ecuadorian jungle, you can find the ideal opportunity to connect with your partner in a trip of high level emotions through activities that will test your resistance to adrenaline, extreme sports such as rafting and kayaking, encounters with the Amazonian kichwa culture are part of this discovery to which traditional ancestral traditions are added. A great adventure as a couple!


La Casa del Suizo

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