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The four “worlds” that converge in Ecuador (Costa, Sierra, Oriente and Galapagos) have, besides infinite landscapes to discover, a universe of aromas and flavors that you can not miss.

In the Galapagos Islands you can enjoy delicious organic coffee grown on volcanic soils and a variety of exquisite dishes made from seafood obtained from responsible fishing. The Pacific Coast, characterized by its abundance of products of the sea and land such as bananas, cacao, shrimp and tuna, combined with the culinary traditions of its people, create the richest and most diverse cuisine in the country.

To visit the mountainous region of the Andes, is to find a great agricultural wealth, where products such as potatoes, corn and mote combined with meats such as pork, are the protagonists of delicious traditional dishes.

The Amazon has a wide jungle area, with waterfalls, crystalline rivers and an incomparable wealth in terms of flora and fauna. These natural elements are linked to the diversity of indigenous cultures that preserve a traditional local cuisine: they merge the aromas and flavors inherited from their ancestors, achieving flavors of yesteryear that only you can find here.

Without a doubt, Ecuador is a gastronomic power. Discover this wonderful country also for its flavors!

Gastronomic Map

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Cacao and Chocolate

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Emblematic products

Diversity is a constant in Ecuador and gastronomy is no exception. The country of the four worlds has a great variety of flavors, which vary depending on the region and…


Famous for its unique biodiversity, is an example of sustainable development. In this region, you can enjoy a delicious organic coffee grown in volcanic soil; and a variety of exquisite…

Pacific coast

Forests, mangroves, and beaches, are part of this region where you get a wide variety of land and sea products such as: the banana, cocoa, shrimp and tuna; which is…


Glaciers, mountains, valleys, soils of volcanic origin make this region a great agricultural wealth, where Andean products such as potato, maize and mote combined with meats such as pork are…


Jungle, waterfalls, crystal clear rivers, and a rich flora and fauna, are combined with the diversity of indigenous cultures that maintain a traditional local cuisine, mixing the aromas and flavors…

Flavors of Ecuador

Forests, mangroves and beautiful beaches are part of this region where you can find a wide variety of products from earth and sea such as banana, cocoa, shrimp and tuna…

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