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Casabe de yuca

Casabe de yuca

Amazonian bread


Cassava is part of the Amazonian people’s diet; There are two types: sweet and bitter, these last are cultivated by the siekopaai and siona, who know how to process them.

Useful Data

The region Located to the northeast of the country, its capital is Nueva Loja. Here is the reserve of Cuyabeno wildlife production which, with 14 Lakes, is the largest wetland in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Weather Its average temperature is 26° C with relative humidity of 88%.


Its origin is Pre-hispanic, and it is about consistent cassava tortillas.

The siekopaai and sionas native women are in charge of its preparation, which is meticulous; First the cassava is shredded; the zest is squeezed with the sënoriya, an instrument shaped like a scarf, made with tree fiber from a place called sënorijati .

The tortillas are cooked one by one in a pot of clay, which needs to be very hot, then the dough is immediately placed, and spread evenly with your hand in the form of a circle and is crushed to obtain a smooth, flat surface. It’s dried in the sun.

This food is a favorite and it accompanies every day dishes. Visitors can take part in the preparation of casabe when visiting the communities.

Tortilla de yuca, circular, flat, handmade and ancestral.

Casabe de yuca

Traditional drink

Sinchicara It is a drink with aguardiente and the crust of Amazonian plants as chuchuguazo, Uña de gato, saragoza and guayusa.

Casabe de yuca

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