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Cuerito crocante de los Andes


In the populations of Cañar and indigenous areas, pigs are also called kuchi which is a word in kichwa and means pig in Spanish.

Useful Data

The region It’s located in the southern zone of the Andean alley and its capital is Azogues. This region is the archaeological site of Qhapaqnan, Ingapirca, Cojitambo, shingles lagoon, Coyoctor.

Weather The temperature in this Andean zone is located between 10° C and 16° C.


Dish of Creole origin, with over 50 years of tradition. Preparation begins with the “scorched” bristles and pig skin with a gas torch, then butter is spread and the scorching continues until it takes a black tone.

During the process the shell is punctured to remove the excess of fat and then the surface of the skin is scraped. The skin is done when it’s thin, crispy and golden.

In other times the skin was prepared with dried leaves of eucalyptus or llazhipa, now these elements and techniques have been replaced with industrial welding torch.

The cascartias can be found in the rustic restaurants located on the near the roads of the State axis of Azogues, Biblian, Deleg, Canar and La Troncal cantons.

Roasted and browned pigskin served with motes, llapingacho, salt and pepper to taste.


Traditional drink

Chicha de Jora It is a drink with corn flour, fermented in a mud base with aromatic herbs, orange or pineapple and sweet spices. It’s traditional to drink it in the Andean festivals Pawkar Raymi and the Inti Raymi.


Other typical dishes of the region

Motes: Pillo, Pata and Sucio

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Since 1590 the mote is part of the indigenous table, they cooked it in pottery, firewood and ash, to achieve its breakup and softness. It is a dough of corn…

Hornado Pastuso

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Dish of Creole origin. Its main ingredient the pig, whose meat is fried after being boiled in low fire, in its own fat for hours. This procedure is done in…

Fritada Imbabureña

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Repe Lojano

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Locro de Papa

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El llapingacho is of pre-Hispanic and Creole origin. It’s potato tortillas made with fresh cheese and fried onions. First, peeled potatoes are cooked in salted water until boiling and softened;…