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Hornado Pastuso

Hornado Pastuso

Salty and juicy


Known as pastuso hornado by the cultural influence of the town of Pasto that inhabited this area before the Spanish conquest.

Useful Data

The region It is North of the inter-Andean alley bordering Colombia. Its capital is Tulcán. The Ecological Reserve El Ángel is located in this region, where the Frailejones Moors and Polylepis forest are a highlight.

Weather The temperature varies between 10° C and 14° C.


Dish of Creole origin, its main feature is the savory stew, made with onions, garlic, salt and pepper. To get the juicy, soft and salty flavor, the pig is macerated at least 24 hours, to achieve the concentration of juices of the dressing.

The pork is placed in a metal tray and baked on fire all night in a clay oven in which usually the firewood of eucalyptus is used because this burns more slowly. Once ready, it’s served accompanied by potatoes cooked with its skin, mote and lettuce.

It is in markets, restaurants and traditional food spots, especially on weekends.

Pig prepared in a wood oven with mote, cooked potatoes and lettuce, served with a savory stew.

Hornado Pastuso

Traditional drink

Tardón Mireño To prepare it you mix aguardiente, orange juice and syrup made with sugar, lemongrass and orange leaves.

Hornado Pastuso

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