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Cacao and Chocolate

Cacao and Chocolate

Fine Aroma Cacao

Cacco fino de aroma

It is very valued, because of the raw material you get from it for the best chocolate in the world.

It’s originally from Ecuador and according to studies carried out by Ecuadorian and French archaeologists, the Mayo Chinchipe Marañón de la Amazonia culture was responsible for spreading cultivation and consumption techniques more than 5000 years ago.

The ‘Boom Cacaotero’ (name of the period when the cocoa export exploded) is the name by which the key moments in production and export of ‘La Pepa de Oro’ are known (as some people call the cocoa bean), which since the 18th century has forged the country’s cocoa practice.

The Pacific Coast and the Amazon Region are the worlds where the largest crops are located; they have two main varieties: the fine aroma cacao and the CCN-51. The first, also called Arriba or Nacional, is variety with the highest quality on the planet. Yellow is its characteristic color, it has a perfume and flavor that stands out from others of its kind for its special touches of flowers, fruits, nuts or almonds, which together make it unique and special, being essential for the elaboration of the exquisite gourmet chocolate desired worldwide.


Cacao liquor

Licor de cacao

It is a product obtained from the fermentation of the mucilage of the cocoa fruit.

It is a drink of contemporary origin. It is a liquor based on cocoa, among the benefits of the cocoa pulp are a sweet taste and to have the necessary level of soluble solids (sucrose) important for the fermentation process. This liquor is made by distilling the cocoa at 40 degrees of alcohol resulting from the fermentation of the cocoa mucilage. It can be consumed in Naranjal (canton in the Guayas province).

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