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Gastronomic Map

Gastronomic Map

History,Culture and Flavors

In this editorial material the culinary benefits offered by the 24 provinces of the country are discovered; each one shows off the local gastronomic secrets achieved by expert hands that discovered the delicacies that each region offers.

The Gastronomic Map of Ecuador is a proposal that exposes national cuisine in dishes of recognized tradition that use products and food from rivers, sea and land, as well as uses and techniques from ancestral times to the present.

Through these pages you can travel from the Galápagos Islands and crave some lobster in seafood sauce, or go through the Pacific Coast and find dishes such as the famous tigrillo (traditional dish made with plantains and cheese); or go up to the Andes to savor the recognized locro de papa (a traditional soup made with grains and potato); and then descend to the exuberant Amazon and discover the exotic maito along with more flavors that make Ecuador a delight to the palate. There are 24 dishes that represent a part of the identity of the country of the four worlds.

24 Provinces of flavor and culture

Gastronomic Map of Ecuador