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The authentic flavor of meat

Santo Domingo De Los Tsáchilas

Due to the weather conditions it is privileged in livestock production. Therefore, it is the location for the most important bovine fair, and the largest meat distribution center.

Useful Data

The region Located in the Pacific Coast region in the Northern Center of the country. Its capital has the same name. Here lives the tsáchilas (a nationality), community who uses the power of plants in shamanic rituals.

Weather The average temperature is 24° c, and has a relative humidity of 87%.

Santo Domingo De Los Tsáchilas

The barbecue is a dish of contemporary origin. Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas is one of the leading producers of beef in the country, due to its climatic characteristics; its productive development it’s anchored with the weekly livestock fair, where is sold thousands of bovine, porcine and equine animals.

A barbecue is prepared by marinating the steak, bife de chorizo and the cuts of beef with salt and pepper and is sealed in the grill at high temperature. Depending on the taste of the diner, the meats will be cooked in (term blu 55 ° C, medium 71 C °, three-quarters 77 ° C, well cooked 82 C).Cassava is essential to accompany the dish with tomatoes, onion, lettuce and vinaigrette.

In this province you’ll enjoy the best barbecue, sold in restaurants located near the different cities and in places close to the highways.

Variety of meats and grilled offal accompanied by cooked cassava and fresh salad.


Traditional drink

Sugar cane juice It is a sweet drink extracted from the panelera cane and served alone or accompanied by lemon juice.


Other typical dishes of the region


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