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Encanutado de Bocachico

Encanutado de Bocachico

Fish, charcoal and bamboo cane

Los Ríos

has one of the largest hydrographic networks in the country. Its rivers are home to species of fish like bocachico, guanchinche, the Lady, and others that are used in the local cuisine.

Useful Data

The region Located in the Pacific Coast Region, at the center of the country, it is crossed by several rivers and its capital is Babahoyo. This province is renowned for its production of fine Aroma Cacao.

Weather Its average temperature is 27° C

Los Ríos

Dish of pre-Hispanic origin. It is a fish stew made in a soft or semi-hard cane; the “bocachico” is placed in a guadua cane (type of bamboo cane) seasoned with onion, pepper, salt, peanut and artisan annatto; that is previously cooked on firewood, for a day, until you get a mass of annatto used only in the encanutado (traditional dish). You made a base with a bijao leaf and then you cook it in a charcoal grill.

The guadua cane preparation technique was probably used in pre-Columbian times, since at that time there were no pots and they used to cooked food in pots made of guadua cane.

For several years, the encanutado has gained space among the diners in the region; currently sold in restaurants in the North zone, mainly in the canton Mocache canton.

Bocachico (freshwater fish) cooked in wood inside a bamboo cane.

Encanutado de Bocachico

Traditional drink

Chicha de Chontilla It is a drink made with the fruit of the chontilla plant and plantain. Unlike other chichas, it is not fermented or made with liquor.

Encanutado de Bocachico

Other typical dishes of the region


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