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Seco de Chivo

Seco de Chivo

Delicious marinado tradicional

Santa Elena

Goat meat was introduced by the Spaniards and the local population has adopted it as a traditional product for the preparation of this dish.

Useful Data

The region It’s located in the Southern Center of Ecuador’s Pacific Coast, its capital has the same name. Salinas and Montañita are among its main beaches.

Weather The temperature ranges between 18° C and 35° C with an annual average of 24° C.

Santa Elena

From Creole origin. It is a stew with goat or sheep meat; pieces of meat are browned in a sauce of fried vegetables called refrito, then ferment liquid is incorporated and cooked until reduced and a sauce is formed.

Goat meat can be fermented or seasoned with chicha de jora, naranjilla or beer juice. This culinary trick is used in homes to eliminate the smell that comes from the meat and to soften the product. Currently in the area known as Muey, located in the Salinas canton, people use tamarind in fermentation, as an ingredient of the area, giving it a nice flavor to the palate.

It is said that the name was born in Ancon when British diners saw a delicious dish that was served after the soup and soon wanted the “segundo” (second dish), i.e., the main course. That’s why the local cooks baptized it as “seco”. The seco it’s sold in restaurants located on the road to the Pacific coast.

The popular estofado de chivo (dish made with goat) is served with yellow rice, avocado and fried plantain.

Seco de Chivo

Traditional drink

Plum juice It is a refreshing drink prepared with a ripe plum, mixed with sugar and ice; You can enjoy in harvest season from September to January.

Seco de Chivo

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