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With the color of a feline

El Oro

The land of shrimp, cocoa, coffee and banana production with exportation quality. Its capital, Machala, is known as the World Capital of Banana.

Useful Data

The region Located to the southwest of the country off the coast of the Pacific, it presents a mountainous terrain from the moor to the mangroves. Its capital is Machala, which is the point of departure for the archipelago of Jambeli.

Weather Its average temperature is 26° C and an average of 10° C in the Highlands.

El Oro

Plato de origen criollo, preparado con plátano verde majado (cocinado y aplastado) mezclado con huevo y queso, también se puede agregar chicharrón.

Su historia proviene de los antepasados zarumeños, quienes asaban los plátanos en brazas. En ese proceso de contacto directo con el fuego, la textura del producto quedaba más tostada y quemada por partes. Luego, lo chancaban (aplastaban) con una piedra sobre una batea de madera; al final, se observaban manchas negras que se imponían al color normal del plátano, similar a la piel del felino homónimo.

Actualmente, el tigrillo se encuentra en toda la provincia, principalmente en el cantón Zaruma, se puede servir acompañado de una taza de café pasado.

Green plantains, mashed and cooked, with fried onions and anatto, served with egg, cheese and chicharrón (fried pork belly)


Traditional drink

Zarumeño Coffee This coffee has body and fruity aroma. Different types of filtration are used to taste it.


Other typical dishes of the region


Dish of Creole origin. It is a stew with coconut milk, fish or other type of seafood; onion, pepper and fried garlic; then add coconut milk, boiled, then the fish…


Of contemporary origin, It is a hot soup with albacore, cassava, onion, and cilantro. It is served accompanied by chifles (fried plantains) and in some places with white rice and…

Encanutado de Bocachico

Dish of pre-Hispanic origin. It is a fish stew made in a soft or semi-hard cane; the “bocachico” is placed in a guadua cane (type of bamboo cane) seasoned with…


From Pre-Hispanic origin. It is prepared with fried onions, peppers and garlic; then you add hot water and pumpkin (cut into cubes), beans, grated plantain balls and peanut paste dissolved…

Seco de Chivo

From Creole origin. It is a stew with goat or sheep meat; pieces of meat are browned in a sauce of fried vegetables called refrito, then ferment liquid is incorporated…


The barbecue is a dish of contemporary origin. Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas is one of the leading producers of beef in the country, due to its climatic characteristics; its…

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