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Milenaria manabita soup


Is one of the main provinces with higher fish production in Ecuador.

Useful Data

The region It is located to the North-Central of the country, facing the Pacific coast, its capital is Portoviejo. This region is located the Machalilla National Park, one of the ideal places for whale watching.

Weather Its temperature ranges from 15° C to 28° C and is determined by the presence of ocean currents.


From Pre-Hispanic origin. It is prepared with fried onions, peppers and garlic; then you add hot water and pumpkin (cut into cubes), beans, grated plantain balls and peanut paste dissolved in water to give it thickness; Finally, you add the fish.

The viche in Manabí is a gastronomic reference in the province; its consumption according to archaeological evidence, it dates back thousands of years in the Valdivia, Chorrera and Jama Coaque cultures. Its main characteristic is that the soup is made with products of the sea and land.

Usually, its prepared in homes on Sundays and consumed in Easter, to replace the fanesca. In addition, you can find it in huecas (local restaurant), markets and restaurants throughout Manabi.

Seafood soup-based peanut with vegetables in the province as: beans, squash, beans, corn, banana and ripe.


Traditional drink

Rompope Manabita It is a thick and very sweet drink made with eggs, sugar, nutmeg or cinnamon walnut and sugar cane liquor; you drink it as dessert or as an after-meal.


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