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Ecuador is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, it has more than 17,058 species of vascular plants or flowering plants, as indicated in the Fourth National Report for the Convention on Biological Diversity.

In relation of these gems of nature, we have four of the five existing subfamilies of orchids worldwide, which means 4,032 of the species that have been classified and published so far, of which 1,714 species are endemic. of the 400 that are in the process of study and description. Also, we have the smallest orchid species in the world, with 2.1 millimeters of dimension.

We have more orchids than any other country in the world. Recognizing this, with seriousness and commitment of country, is a reason of deep pride for all Ecuadorians, because from us grows the commitment to give our nation the importance it deserves in the eyes of the world. And, precisely for that reason on December 5, 2013, Ecuador was declared by Executive Decree, as “The Country of Orchids” with the commitment of the National Government to work in a coordinated manner with the different sectors, to strengthen the Country of Orchids before the eyes of the world.

This is the point of departure that we long for Ecuador, for our communities and our people, our businesses and enterprises, our scientists and researchers, for our conservationists and naturalists, for our tourists.

These plants are found throughout the country, as for example in the cloud forest of Mindo, the Botanical Garden of Parque de la Carolina in Quito, the Pahuma Orchid Reserve in the sector of Calacalí, the Botanical Garden and Orchids of the Amazonian Flora Conservation Center in Puyo, Podocarpus National Park in Loja and Zamora Chinchipe; in the Palphinia Orchid, in Zamora Chinchipe and in Ecuagenera in Gualaceo, Austro-Ecuadorian. I invite you to enjoy this wonderful natural gift.

Where to do it?

San Cristóbal Island

The name of San Cristóbal island is due to the patron saint of sailors, named after the year 1973. Its historical name is Chatham, the same that was assigned by…

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min 59°F max 89°F
min 0ft max 5600ft

Santa Cruz Island

It is the first most inhabited island in Galapagos, it is located in the center of the Galápagos archipelago at 1000 km. Of the continent. It is located in the…

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Isabela Island

Isabela is the youngest and most extensive island of the archipelago, it covers almost 60% of the total land of the Archipelago. The island is still in formation presenting recent…

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Floreana Island

If you are traveling to the Galápagos Islands, you must visit Floreana Island. Here you will find several adventure activities to do and also enjoy the wonderful nature that surrounds…

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Located at 1200 masl with a pleasant climate (24.0ºC), it has two defined seasons: winter, December to May and summer, June to November. In it you discover a city of…

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The also known as “Carita de Dios”, declared by UNESCO as the first Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 1978, has an infinity of places to discover and activities…

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The city of Santa Ana de los Rios of Cuenca is synonymous of culture and heritage, elements that added to the warmth of its people ends up falling in love…

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An irresistible magnet for the bird-tourists that arrive in Ecuador. Which is one of the most emblematic sites is the Mindo Valley, in the northwest of Pichincha, declared as the…

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Baños de Agua Santa

Baños de Agua Santa is a small town that rises between the central Andes and the Amazon of Ecuador, eight kilometers from the crater of the Tungurahua volcano and 30…

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It is the musical capital of Imbabura. Cotacachi is geographically the largest canton of the province and therefore enjoys from a variety of landscapes and climatic floors that house various…

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Tena “Capital of the Country of the Cinnamon”, or also well-known like San Juan de los Dos Ríos of Tena. It is located in the Amazon Region, three and a…

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Cuyabeno in the Ecuadorian Amazon is an adventure in the middle of exotic flora and fauna where citizens and nationalities coexist, very particular for their culture, tradition and customs. The…

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Papallacta, belongs to the canton of Quijos, province of Napo and constitutes the entrance to the Ecuadorian Amazon from the Metropolitan District of Quito, Papallacta, it is within the zone…

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Machalilla National Park

The Machalilla National Park is one of the most extensive protected areas of the Ecuadorian coast that is located in Manabí and that includes the cantons of Montecristi, Jipijapa and…

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