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Formed by 120,000 km2 of exuberance in its maximum expression, the Ecuadorian Amazon invites us to discover a world of infinite diversity, starting from its inhabitants – members of ancestral indigenous peoples – passing through its rich flora, fauna, landscapes and variety of activities to realize.

More than 13 indigenous peoples with their own languages, beliefs and traditions make the Ecuadorian Amazon a mega-cultural destination, which allows us to interact and learn about the customs of its inhabitants, living directly with them. One of every ten species of flora and fauna known in the world is found here, so it is also considered the most mega-diverse place on the planet per square kilometer.

There is a great variety of herbs, spices, animals and fruits, to which are added traditional practices of food preparation that make their gastronomy an adventure to the palate of the visitors.

Competitive prices and the best accessibility to the jungle of all South America, make the Ecuadorian Amazon an excellent destination to visit as a family.



Tena “Capital of the Country of the Cinnamon”, or also well-known like San Juan de los Dos Ríos of Tena. It is located in the Amazon Region, three and a…

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min 69°F max 87°F


The Yasuní National Park, is located in the eastern center of the Amazonian provinces of Orellana and Pastaza and is the largest protected area of ​​continental Ecuador. It was created…

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min 64°F max 96°F
min 623ft max 1316ft


Cuyabeno in the Ecuadorian Amazon is an adventure in the middle of exotic flora and fauna where citizens and nationalities coexist, very particular for their culture, tradition and customs. The…

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min 77°F max 78°F
min 580ft max 1069ft


Papallacta, belongs to the canton of Quijos, province of Napo and constitutes the entrance to the Ecuadorian Amazon from the Metropolitan District of Quito, Papallacta, it is within the zone…

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min 41°F max 68°F
min 9186ft max 14112ft