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Tena “Capital of the Country of the Cinnamon”, or also well-known like San Juan de los Dos Ríos of Tena. It is located in the Amazon Region, three and a half hours from the city of Quito and three hours from the city of Ambato.

Its main activity is tourism, because it has a diversity of natural attractions and cultural manifestations that are located in each of the parishes that have special characteristics that allow visitors to learn about their history and traditions of the Kichwa and other ethnic groups, Huaorani

Agriculture, commerce in general and its friendly and hospitable people, make this place a destination to rest and fully enjoy its natural and cultural biodiversity.

These are the activities we have for you!


The Amazon is adventure in its pure state waiting for you. Excursions through the jungle or rainforests, risky sports such as kayaking or rafting, and incredible places such as the Latas waterfall and the Jumandy Caverns, guarantee it.


The fast rivers that descend from the Andean glaciers are roads that allow us to see how nature transforms. The activity of rafting in Ecuador is carried out on those…


The exuberance of the jungle with its abundant rivers, dreamy waterfalls and mysterious caves, uncover millenary secrets that nature seems to have reserved only for some lucky ones, you are one of them!

Flora Observation

Ecuador is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, it has more than 17,058 species of vascular plants or flowering plants, as indicated in the Fourth National Report…

Landscape Photography

Many people like to capture moments, this through photography, but others are simply passionate about this activity, for these, coming to Ecuador will be a delight for their eyes, since…


The ancestrality is very present in the day to day of the inhabitants of the Tena, due to the strong incidence of the Yachacs and Waorani ethnic groups, to which the western customs are added, generating a rich amalgam that is manifested in the architecture, clothing and customs of its inhabitants. Know them!

Community Tourism

Within the offer of tourism offered by Ecuador, there is a branch that over the years has been increasing: community tourism. Discover their traditions by reaching an indigenous community of…


In typical dishes, wild fruits such as mountain grapes, caimito, avío, plantain and cassava are often used; from the animal world the meat of guanta, armadillo, ants and chontacuros worms is usually used. The most traditional drink is the Wayusa tea, which has many healing properties.

Maito fish fillet

It’s a wrap of Pre-hispanic origin, with river fish (catfish, bocachico, tambaqui, pintadillo) wrapped in bijao, banana, palms or shiguango leaves tied in with a natural fiber and cooked in firewood. For its preparation we use products grown by the Chagramamas (the farm woman) like cassava, banana, ticazo, garabato yuyo, chontacuro, Chinese potato, white cocoa and chili or legs uchu,…

Maito fish fillet

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