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It is the musical capital of Imbabura. Cotacachi is geographically the largest canton of the province and therefore enjoys from a variety of landscapes and climatic floors that house various human groups and the Cotacachi Cayapas Ecological Reserve, one of the most visited and protected natural areas in the country. Here is also the Cuicocha lagoon, characterized by its beauty and easy access. Cotacachi is also an emporium of culture and tradition. Visit the Museum of Cultures, the Mother Church of Santa Ana de Cotacachi. Taste the traditional red meats and an exquisite chicha de jora.

The Intag Zone, is located 58 km southwest of Cotacachi, the sacred valley of Intag, surrounded by majestic landscapes, rivers and waterfalls with crystal clear waters; It has forests and valleys of great natural beauty where there is the opportunity to explore trails and enjoy spectacular viewpoints, also fall in love with nature, through the sighting of birds and mammals; live unique experiences with families and entrepreneurial groups in the manufacture of products based on aloe vera, the manufacture of handicrafts of lufa, cabuya and learn about the process of making organic coffee grown in agroecological farms in the area.

Downloads: Cumbre Taita Imbabura - Trekking (1704 downloads) / Vuelta a Cuicocha - Trekking (1598 downloads)

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Enjoy an incomparable landscape and perform the adventure activities that you like so much. Ecuador wants to give you the best experiences!


Ecuador is one of the best destinations in the world to explore underwater, because the beauty of the entire South Pacific is concentrated in its colorful marine fauna, its underwater…


The Andes have offered, since the time of the Incas, beautiful roads that unfold between forests, moors, wetlands and more. Today it is possible to travel these old routes and…


Cotacahi is located in the eastern part of the Andes. The mountains and valleys always accompany the landscape. The fragrance of the eucalyptus will envelop you and make your trip a sensory and unique experience. A destination you can not miss!

Flora Observation

Ecuador is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, it has more than 17,058 species of vascular plants or flowering plants, as indicated in the Fourth National Report…

Landscape Photography

Many people like to capture moments, this through photography, but others are simply passionate about this activity, for these, coming to Ecuador will be a delight for their eyes, since…


The Ecuadorian Andes keep recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. Each of the delicious dishes are made with care and love, with natural products that come from a rich and prosperous land. Ecuadorian cuisine is an experience that you can not miss.

Fritada Imbabureña

It is a dish of Creole origin, its taste is in the preparation; in a bronze paila (traditional cooking pot) pieces of pork are cooked in water, salt, onion and garlic; When the water dries, the meat is fried in its own fat until golden; generally it is cooked in firewood. The fritada is accompanied by mote, toast, tortillas, potatoes,…

Fritada Imbabureña

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