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Cotopaxi Natural Park
Cotopaxi Natural Park
Cotopaxi Natural Park
Cotopaxi Natural Park

Cotopaxi Natural Park

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The Cotopaxi volcano, an almost perfect snow cone that stands at 5,897 meters of altitude is something unique on the planet and is perhaps, along with Galápagos, the greatest symbol of our natural geography recognized throughout the world.

Thousands of mountaineers of all nationalities have achieved their summit and many others dream of doing it. Because it is located in the center of the Inter-Andean alley and very close to several cities such as Quito and Latacunga, the Cotopaxi National Park is one of the most visited and surely where many people touch snow for the first time.

The imposing Cotopaxi, one of the highest active volcanoes in the world, dominates the whole landscape of the protected area, which also includes two smaller ones, Morurco (4,880 m), close to Cotopaxi, and Rumiñahui (4,722 m), as well very closely. The Cotopaxi is located in the area called “Avenue of the Volcanoes”, name that the German naturalist Alexander von Humboldt in 1802 gave to the set of volcanoes of the central and northern Sierra of Ecuador. The predominant ecosystem in the park is the páramo, with its special flora and fauna, so the main vegetation is pajonal and small shrubs of height.

The Cotopaxi, the second highest mountain in the country, is an active volcano and sometimes you can even see fumaroles, although its activity is never like that of the neighboring Tungurahua and Sangay.

These are the activities we have for you!


The Cotopaxi volcano is the main protagonist of this park, where spectacular scenarios abound to perform various activities such as: mountaineering, hiking and mountain biking. Test yourself and feel indescribable emotions in the immensity of nature, having as witness one of the most famous snowcapped in the world.


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No matter where you are, in the Cotopaxi National Park, where you look you will have an exceptional view that will awaken in you a feeling of absolute freedom, while you live with species of flora and fauna of the area such as: cougars, wolves moors, white-tailed deer, alpacas and llamas.

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Among the most characteristic dishes of the Cotopaxi National Park are the chugchucaras, made with fried pork, mote, potatoes, bananas, empanadas, canguil and pork hogs, accompanied by a delicious hot pepper, made with chilies, tomato, cilantro and onion. Other characteristic dishes with llapingachos and roasted guinea pig.


Dish of Creole origin. Its main ingredient the pig, whose meat is fried after being boiled in low fire, in its own fat for hours. This procedure is done in bronze cooking pot. Your presentation consists of an entrance of mote with chicharrón accompanied with pieces of pork, soft pigskin to which it owes its name, cuero reventado, cooked and…


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