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The city of Santa Ana de los Rios of Cuenca is synonymous of culture and heritage, elements that added to the warmth of its people ends up falling in love with all those who visit it.

It is considered the third most important city of Ecuador; its natural, architectural characteristics and the quality of life that can be enjoyed in it, are reasons why it has been recognized as the best destination for people from all over the world who retire from work.

Walk through its cobbled streets and visit its many imposing churches and museums or contemplate its terracotta rooftops and flowery balconies, it will be a unique experience that will captivate you, while its stories and legends will transport you in time through a magical journey.

In the year of 1982, the Historic Center of Cuenca was recognized as a Cultural Heritage of the Ecuadorian State and, in 1999, it was declared by UNESCO as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Cuenca presents its culture and heritage at every step. Discover it!

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These are the activities we have for you!


Cuenca has prepared sports with a lot of adrenaline for you! The natural landscapes will be the protagonists and you will find yourself surrounded by nature and excitement to this adventure to begin.

Horseback riding

One has to ride and gallop to realize that a magical coupling occurs there. For a few seconds, it gives the impression that both bodies – that of the human…


Ecuador has a great natural beauty, admirable throughout its territory. This feature allows several activities to be developed in it. Especially those that allow overnight, such as camping. This practice…


The Andes have offered, since the time of the Incas, beautiful roads that unfold between forests, moors, wetlands and more. Today it is possible to travel these old routes and…


Cuenca invites you to reconnect with nature. You can walk along the Tomebamba river that runs through the city, and enjoy the fresh and pleasant atmosphere that this city offers you.

Bird watching

If you are a birdwatcher, professional or amateur, Ecuador wants to give you the best experience of your life. With more than 1,680 species of birds roaming the skies of…

Flora Observation

Ecuador is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, it has more than 17,058 species of vascular plants or flowering plants, as indicated in the Fourth National Report…

Landscape Photography

Many people like to capture moments, this through photography, but others are simply passionate about this activity, for these, coming to Ecuador will be a delight for their eyes, since…


Walk through the squares and small streets of the city center, and find the charm of Cuenca. Discover why hundreds of foreign and national tourists arrive annually to visit this paradise.

Urban Tourism

In urban planning, urban tourism should be considered. Walks through the cities allow you to learn more about the culture and traditions that surround this multifaceted country. Also, tourists on…

Religious Tourism

Ecuador is a nation that has a vast historical, cultural and natural heritage. It is a country that offers much in its small territory: nature, adventure and beautiful architecture, within…

Art and culture

The historical and cultural heritage that Ecuador has is amazing. The architecture of its historic centers displays aesthetic uniformity, giving them a captivating air. Ecuador is a multicultural country made…


The Ecuadorian Andes keep recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. Each of the delicious dishes are made with care and love, with natural products that come from a rich and prosperous land. Ecuadorian cuisine is an experience that you can not miss.

Motes: Pillo, Pata and Sucio

From Pre-Hispanic origin. Since 1590 the mote is part of the indigenous table, they cooked it in pottery, firewood and ash, to achieve its breakup and softness. Mote Pillo: mote pelado mixed with eggs, chopped green onion, lard, salt and crushed ripe cheese; which gives it a creamy consistency. Mote Pata: is a soup with mote, meat and pork rib,…

Motes: Pillo, Pata and Sucio

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