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Salinas is one of the most important spas in Ecuador and the most visited in the province of Santa Elena. The city is known for its beautiful beaches and also offers a great diversity of landscapes, sports and fun.

The city began as an enclosure of the Santa Elena canton and in 1929 it was elevated to a parish. On December 22, 1937, by Decree of the government of General Alberto Enríquez Gallo, was designated canton, which influenced its development and economic and tourist growth. Its name derives from its inexhaustible source of salt, which has been exploited and industrialized for years.

Salinas has a territorial surface of 68.7 km2, its beach has an extension of 15 km and a population of 68.675 inhabitants. This city has an average temperature of 24ºC.

These are the activities we have for you!


The beaches of Chipipe and San Lorenzo, the first very wide of calm waters and the second with big waves, are the ideal places to carry out activities that will make exploit your senses in a dream environment. The sighting of humpback whales is an amazing experience that you must experience.


With beaches with a level of waves for all tastes, Ecuador is a country recognized as a surfing destination. Proof of this is that there have been world championships. The…


Ecuador is one of the best destinations in the world to explore underwater, because the beauty of the entire South Pacific is concentrated in its colorful marine fauna, its underwater…


The natural beauty of the so-called "Blue Paradise of the South Pacific" is an invitation to enjoy it to the full. Undoubtedly, its beaches are the main attraction of this beautiful place on the Ecuadorian coast, considered by many tourists as the best in the country.

Whale watching

Along the Ecuadorian coast, we can find many places that offer whale tourism. The infrastructure and services differentiate one site from another, however, the most important thing is the security…

Landscape Photography

Many people like to capture moments, this through photography, but others are simply passionate about this activity, for these, coming to Ecuador will be a delight for their eyes, since…


The Seco de Chivo is the most representative dish of Salinas. This meat was introduced into the area by the Spaniards hundreds of years ago, and adopted by the local population as their traditional food, which they prepare in a delicious way.

Seco de Chivo

From Creole origin. It is a stew with goat or sheep meat; pieces of meat are browned in a sauce of fried vegetables called refrito, then ferment liquid is incorporated and cooked until reduced and a sauce is formed. Goat meat can be fermented or seasoned with chicha de jora, naranjilla or beer juice. This culinary trick is used in…

Seco de Chivo

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