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Ecuador Film Commission

Ecuador, the country of the four worlds, has much to contribute today to all those who wish to tell a story. The advances and development, in the last decade, make it possible for Ecuador to be an excellent place to work on shoots and productions in a totally natural environment. We have worked to achieve tourism efficiency, in having a safe and renewed country, with road and airport infrastructures that are benchmarks for the rest of the countries in the region.

The numerous international awards projects us as a touristic power ‘Ecuador Potencia Turística’, which is why we are now optimistically approaching this new challenge, to be able to position Ecuador as an ideal place for filming.

Our country is the only one in the region where it is possible to capture moments in four different worlds, four worlds that are only a few hours away.

Our Andean highlands, which offer us places full of magic and exclusivity. The mountain range, vertebra of our territory, draws a variety of mountain landscapes, as well as a great intercultural diversity.

Our Amazon, offering us one of the most beautiful postcards of the continent. Our work to preserve the biodiversity makes it now possible to visit pristine and unique places on the planet.

Our Galápagos Islands are the treasure that Ecuador offers to the world, they are an amazing source of inspiration to create interesting documentaries from great international production companies.

And our Pacific Coast, where you’ll find virgin beaches, evocative corners that with a great mosaic of cultures make these places so unique.

The Ministry of Tourism, through the Ecuador Film Commission, will facilitate the work of professionals who are interested in filming their projects in our country. We will always work to become a reference in the international sector and our doors will be open to filming and the needs of the audiovisual industry.

Ecuador Film Commission will accompany and guide you in all its efforts, guaranteeing you a great filming experience.