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Le 19H

Ecuadorian gastronomy shined in Monaco

The television media covered the gastronomic evening “The Country of the Four Worlds in the Principality”, an event in which the authentic flavors of Ceviche de Jipijapa, Sango de choclo, bolon and Ecuadorian cocoa were the protagonists of the gala. The event, organized by the Embassy of Ecuador in France and the Monegasque Ibero-American Association, was attended by Prince Albert II of Monaco, who was able to delight himself with our flavors and enjoy the Ecuadorian artistic talent expressed in handicrafts.

13TV Israel

Ecuador on 13tv - Israeli television

Israeli news channel 13tv toured the Galapagos Islands to discover life in its natural state. Here they encoutered tortoises, sea lions, iguanas, blue footed boobies among many other endemic species. They also shared the viewpoints from scientists and biologists on the conservation and protection of this natural heritage.

Ecuador on 13tv - Israeli television

Discover the Ecuadorian Andes with the Israeli channel 13tv journalists who will show you the way of life of its people, gastronomy and traditions. Also, admire Quito’s heritage sites and the natural landscapes of the Quilotoa lake, Pujilí and Baños.

Good Morning América


From Quito, Good Morning America shows a preview of their Galapagos adventure.


From Galapagos, the team explains why the islands are a unique paradise on earth.


From Española Island, the Good Morning America team travels to discover sea lions and colorful reptiles, showing the effects of climate change in their behavior.


Aboard a ship, Good Morning America discovers the diversity of species that live under water and on land.


From Post Office Bay, Good Morning America takes us back to the days when whalers transported letters from Galapagos to different parts of the world.


Good Morning America shows how climate change affects the diet and way of life of turtles, flamingos and sea lions.


The Good Morning America team, heads towards the cloud forest of Santa Cruz to learn about the way of life of the species in the area.


Good Morning America shows how climate change affects the diet and way of life of turtles, flamingos and sea lions.


Check some unique images about the volcanic eruption that has been going on for 6 weeks on Wolf Island. Good Morning America’s drone team will show you amazing night shots.


Broadcasting at one of the most iconic landscapes in Galapagos, Bartolomé Island, Good Moning America’s journalist explains all about the iguanas and prepares for an adventure among sharks and penguins.


Finally, Good Morning America team dives into the deep sea to swim alongside sharks, penguins, manta rays, and colorful fish. The inspiring journey comes to the end and the team thanked everyone who made this once-in-a-world experience possible.