Ecuador Travel

Why Ecuador?

Reason 1: Your meeting in the "Center of the World"

Ecuador is an unrivalled destination; its natural, cultural, heritage and modern settings, together with its warm people, make it a quintessential tourist and business destination, capable of inspiring the most authentic meeting experiences for travelers.

Its dollarized economy is one of the most stable in Latin America; its clear policies and tax incentives make it a destination with great investment potential. Thanks to trade agreements in effect with key countries around the world, Ecuador has access to a market of more than 800 million consumers.

Ecuador’s doors are open so you can experience your meeting and strengthen your business in the center of the world.

Reason 2: It connects you to its "four worlds"

Ecuador is a destination that has everything, and it’s all within easy reach. Its "four worlds", the Galapagos, the coast, the Andes and Amazonia, are incredibly diverse and possess a unique multiculturalism just waiting to be discovered. In just a single day you can experience it all.

For this reason, Ecuador has been promoting the Open Skies policy since 2017, which seeks to expand air connectivity by increasing airline routes and frequencies as well as international airlines that fly into the country. This policy has helped convert the country into a destination with more opportunities for visitor arrivals and commercial exchange.

4 international airports
19 airlines, with origins and destinations in 19 international locations from 12 countries

Reason 3: Stories, cultures and flavors

Every corner of the country is waiting for you with unique cultures, stories, traditions and flavors that will make you feel part of a different world all your own.

Live in heritage cities, "Magical Towns", discover jewels of the past, explore an evolutionary paradise, experience ancient cultures and try exquisite flavors, accompanied by original and top-quality products that will make your meeting experience unforgettable.

Reason 4: Green Destination

Ecuador has made conserving the environment and the sustainable development of tourism and business activities a priority. Its policies are focused on measures that ensure that its unique ecosystems, culture and populations are well cared for.

Within its territory are a Pleistocene Refuge, Biosphere Reserves and a World Heritage Site. This privilege further engages Ecuador, which has been recognized as the World's Leading Green Destination on multiple occasions.

Reason 5: Modernity and professionalism

Hotel quality and organizational capacity are a determining factor when choosing Ecuador as your meeting destination.

Key world and local hotel chains offer luxury lodgings throughout the country with large rooms and all the comforts and technology which, together with the hospitality that Ecuadorians are known for, give travelers unlimited options for experiencing and discovering the magic and comfort of the center of the world