Continue your Olympic tour in Ecuador
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Continue your Olympic tour in Ecuador

19 August , 2016 / Ecuador Travel

The Rio 2016 Olympic Games are about to end, but we suggest you follow your own race through South America. We have an ideal route to keep the Olympic flame burning.

How to travel to Ecuador from Brazil

From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil follow your way by making a first stop in São Paulo, one of the largest cities in South America. Following this concrete jungle, go into the nature of Foz do Iguaçu and visit the Iguazu Falls. These amazing waterfalls can be visited from Brazil and Argentina.

Once on the Argentine side, visit Salta and take a tour in the famous Tren a las Nubes (Train to the Clouds). From there, the race continues to Chile to visit the Atacama Desert. If you want a change of environment, dare to explore Lake Titicaca in Bolivia and Peru. Your last relay will be in Cusco, a beautiful colonial city near Machu Picchu.

You are now so close to Ecuador! You’ve been traveling more than 5,000 kilometers. What a race! This is what awaits you at the finish line. 

How to travel in Ecuador

Imagine this is a triathlon, because in Ecuador you have four worlds to explore and many activities to do. How to do it? Here we explain.


If you are in Ecuador you must visit these islands with a unique biodiversity. The close contact with endemic species is fascinating.

San Cristobal: Enjoy beaches like Playa Mann and Puerto Chino. One of its main attractions is diving in El León Dormido, an islet with an hypnotizing scenery.

Santa Cruz: Swim in the calm waters of Tortuga Bay or explore Las Grietas.

Isabela: The hikes to the Sierra Negra Volcano and the Wall of Tears are a must. But remember that you can also practice snorkel and diving in Las Tintoreras. 

san cristobal
This is the wonderful Leon Dormido that we talked about


A word to describe the Ecuadorian coast would be: Fun! Although if you prefer comfort, the coast also offers relaxation and fine cuisine. Yes, eating can also be an Olympic sport!

Montañita: Local and international cuisine, an amazing nightlife and a large beach to enjoy the sand and the sea, you’ll find incredible things in one of the best beaches in Ecuador.

Puerto López: One of the best beaches in Manabí. It is close to the natural reserves of Los Frailes and Isla de la Plata, where you can go on excursions and hiking.

Mompiche: It is a cozy village in the tropical atmosphere of Esmeraldas. Here you can learn to surf, but also to eat delicious dishes made with coconut. 

Los Frailes is a paradise.


The Ecuadorian Andes is quite captivating. The route of the volcanoes has amazing views of the monumental mountains.

Lake Quilotoa: located inside of a volcano’s crater, this stunning turquoise lake allows you to do kayak and hiking.

Route of the Volcanoes: Cotopaxi, Chimborazo and Tungurahua are the main volcanoes. It’s a real Olympic challenge to climb them.

Baños de Agua Santa: In this town you can recharge your energies with some eco-adventure and extreme sports like canopy, rafting or bungee jumping. 

Chimborazo from different heights
The majestic Chimborazo.


It’s a hidden treasure, because few people dare to go. Be prepared for long but amazing walks, canoe tours and the incredible sounds of hidden animals among the natural foliage.

Yasuní: It’s one of the most biodiverse places on the planet and one of the largest national parks in Ecuador. It is also home to indigenous tribes living in voluntary isolation.

Cuyabeno: To visit Cuyabeno is to participate in a rowing competition, this is because your main form of transportation is a canoe. A black alligator can be your running mate in this stunning place.

Podocarpus: This park is divided between the province of Loja (Andes) and Zamora Chinchipe (Amazon). Since is located in two regions it has an incredible biodiversity.

This is how your race through the Amazon will look.
This is how your race through the Amazon will look.

Now that you know how to travel in Ecuador, after touring South America, you will realize that your gold medal is to visit the country of the four worlds.