5 Reasons to choose Manta as your event destination

We all wonder what MICE travelers and event organizers are currently looking for in a destination? Quality, accessibility and sustainability are some of the attributes that every destination must have when attracting MICE events; additionally, we know that travelers nowadays are searching to make the most of their time to get to know the destination and enjoy authentic experiences.

In Manta’s case, a well known city for its tourism and business opportunities, has the privilege of possessing the best infrastructure and the largest beach extension in the province of Manabí, an ideal destination to hold meetings, events, fairs and local, national and international conventions; as well as to practice water sports, personalized walks and cultural encounters.

Here are 5 reasons to plan your next event in Manta:

Welcoming Weather

Due to its location in the center of the Ecuadorian coast, its climate is pleasant during the majority of the year, so the organizers can hold all kinds of events without having to worry about any weather incident. Your event planning will be guaranteed to work in a temperature between 24 and 28 degrees Celsius.

Innovative spaces

Manta is a city whose vacation and executive characteristics meet the needs of various segments. The city boast a plethora of modern buildings in which five-star hotels, shopping malls and centers, restaurants and other places operate in, such places allow the comfortable and successful development of your events. Around 8,000 accommodation places and 30 innovative spaces are at your disposal.

Short distances

Mobility is in our favor. We are a point of connection within Ecuador and the world. Our port, airport and bus terminal allows to bring travelers together through different channels. Remember, that by air, sea or land, in Manta we will be waiting for you with fabulous experiences that you can reach in short periods of time, in a comfortable and agile way.

Experiences with added value (bleisure)

Manta perfectly combines business with pleasure. Here you can finish your workday and then be part of an unforgettable local experience, go to new areas and enjoy the flavors of the sea just like a local, all of this accompany with the highest level of customer service.

Bio Safe Destination

Your safety and the safety of your event is our priority, which is why Manta’s touristic industry works hard to comply with all the biosafety protocols and continuously train those who are part of this chain of value. Be confident that Manta will welcome you with safe and comfortable settings, and qualified personnel.

In conclusion, this beautiful and charismatic coastal city is a unique place for people to meet again, do business and experience the charm of tourism. 

We invite you to learn more about our destination and plan your next event at the edge of the sea.


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