Guayaquil reinvents itself between strategies and recognition

Guayaquil, La Perla del Pacifico is a tourist destination that reinvents itself against adversity, and works hard for its economic reactivation, and especially to resume its activity in the MICE segment under strict biosafety protocols approved by the National Emergency Operations Center, COE.

With great acceptance, the highest representatives of the tourism sector have attended the call made by the Municipal Public Tourism Company and the Guayaquil Convention Bureau, to discuss the needs of the sector and promote public and private cooperation strategies that allow touristic and economic reactivation of the city.

In addition, Guayaquil continues to stand out internationally as the official venue of the seventh edition of the Latin America Green Awards, one of the most relevant sustainability festivals in the world, which each year awards and gives visibility to The 500 Best Social and Environmental Projects in Latin America. On this occasion, its digital version brought together thousands of attendees worldwide who linked and shared this award more than 5,000 times, through the organization’s platforms and media, such as DirecTV, Infobae and Bioguía. The last plataform with more than 18 million followers.


With the support of the Municipality of Guayaquil and the 200 Years Civic Initiative Committee, the logistics of the awards could be transferred to a 100% digital format to expose and reward the most important social and environmental projects in the region.

Finally, Guayaquil continues shinning, that´s why the city it´s been nominated in 8 categories at the World Travel Awards 2020.

  1. South America’s Leading Business Travel Destination 2020
  2. South America’s Leading City Break Destination 2020
  3. South America’s Leading City Destination 2020
  4. South America’s Leading City Tourist Board 2020
  5. South America’s Leading Cultural City Destination 2020
  6. South America’s Leading Emerging Tourism Destination 2020
  7. South America’s Leading Festival & Event Destination 2020
  8. South America’s Leading Meetings & Conference Destination

The voting period ends on September 1, 2020. Don’t wait any longer and vote now. Clearly these nominations are recognition of its courage, its integrity and warrior spirit. Vote at


Guayaquil is counting on you towards the Bicentennial! Follow our news for the MICE segment closely.

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