Know 6 places you must visit in Manta after your event

The sea breeze welcomes you to Manta, a modern city, ideal to enjoy the pleasure of tourism, develop high-level corporate events and do business.

Strategically located in the center of the coastal skyline, this sun and beach destination has wide connectivity by air, sea and land; as well as the largest hotel infrastructure in Manabí, perfect for living unforgettable encounters.

In addition, it is surrounded by a variety of sensational tourist attractions.  Urban and rural beaches, sea cuisine, forests, trails and conditions for the practice of extreme sports are part of its offer.

Whether you come for work or to tour the city, enjoy the following places that await you at short distances and with activities to enjoy:

El Murcielago Beach

Urban and accessible beach.


With a length of 1,700 m.  approximately, it is the most visited beach in the city and it is equipped with an access ramp that allows everyone to enjoy the beach. Besides, it is located within an important commercial and tourist area, where you can enjoy exquisite cuisine in comfortable spaces, facing the sea.

Playita Mia

A reunion with Manteños´ traditions.


It is one of the most traditional beaches in Manta, located between the parishes of Tarqui and Los Esteros.  Here you will find the Seafood Market and the city’s Shipyard, a place where naval stevedores build or repair boats, keeping alive a tradition that transcends from generation to generation.

You can also visit the Museum of the Sea and «Plaza del Mar», a public space surrounded by modern fountains that light during night time and making this a magical place.

Flavio Reyes Avenue and Barbasquillo Avenue

“Zona Rosa” of the city.


These are the main tourist avenues of the city, which bring tourists closer with a series of night entertainment services and where the local, national and international gastronomic offer will seduce you.  Along the avenues you will find shopping malls, banking services, varied restaurants and hotels that are recognized nationally and internationally.

“Pasaje del Mono” Trail

The green lung of the city


It is a 1.5 kilometer trail that runs through the humid forest area, where you will be immersed in a world of colors, smells and species, where the exuberant vegetation and natural diversity will accompany your walk.  This route of medium difficulty invites you to live new experiences, among howler monkeys and steps with rope passages.  Access is free.

We suggest to hire the services of a local guide for the journey.

Cabo San Lorenzo and Liguiqui

Picturesque villages of mysteries and traditions


It is a nesting sanctuary for olive ridley turtles and it´s the perfect location for photographic productions due to its paradisiacal scenery and gray sand.  One of the most attractive sites is El Faro trail, which offers a spectacular view of the ocean.  The waves at these beaches are perfect for expert swimmers and experienced surfers due to its strength.  Furthermore, in the Liguiqui commune you will find spectacular archaeological sites, which at low tide reveal marine pens, built by the first civilizations settled in the territory and which currently allow the community to capture marine species such as octopus.

Santa Marianita Beach

Family beach and capital of kitesurfing in Ecuador


Its warm blue and turquoise waters will conquer your gaze. This is the main natural setting for extreme sports such as Kitesurfing due to its strategic geographical location that receives winds almost all year long.  The months to live this experience to the fullest are from May to December.

If you want something special, choose Manta as the venue for your next event, imagine completing your business on a private catamaran ride, or after a seminar explore a diverse forest or celebrate your business sunbathing by the sea, accompanied by wonderful sunsets and incomparable flavors.

We are waiting for you.

Learn more about our destination in the following tourist guide.

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