November is a special month for the “Athens of Ecuador”. Cuenca, a sovereign, proud and cultural city, on November 3, celebrated 200 years of independence. Tourists, visitors and residents were able to enjoy a variety of activities that highlighted the progress of the city since its proclamation and libertarian proclamation.


A Solemn Session -with honors and applauses- was held at the Mariscal La Mar Airport to commemorate «100 years of the First Trans-Andean Flight» on the Guayaquil – Cuenca route, piloted by the Italian Elia Luit. That date also marked the movement of visitors by air with tourist purposes.

In addition, we participated in the “One2One Digital Appointments” event, organized by “IBTM Americas” from November 09 to 13. In this space, the Cuenca Tourism Foundation promoted the destination through agendas and virtual business appointments, placing special emphasis on the MICE segment. At the business meeting, the benefits of this heritage city were shown to representatives of the Ideas Journey companies from Guayaquil and Peru’s Nexos Turismo.


More establishments, that provide tourist services in the city, received the #CuencaBiosecureDestination badge. To date, 381 establishments have applied all the protocols and biosafety measures in their facilities and now receive their clients with hospitality and trust.


María Angélica León, Executive Director of the Tourism Foundation, participated in the virtual event #ExpoHoreca2020, where she presented the topic: «Public Management in the Creation of Biosecure Destinations», highlighting actions such as the implementation of the #CuencaBiosecureDestination badge for the progressive reactivation of the ‘Destination Cuenca’. Expo Horeca 2020 is the largest meeting of the gastronomic, hotel and tourism industry in Ecuador.

Also, Cuenca was designated as ‘International City of Crafts’ by the World Council of Crafts, a non-profit entity based in Belgium. The city received this declaration for ten trades and crafts such as: goldsmithing and jewelry, pottery and ceramics, shawl straw and basketry, forged steel, embroidery, neddlework, saddlery, wood, marble and stonework and pyrotechnics.


The mayor of Cuenca, Pedro Palacios, pointed out that this recognition has great relevance for the city, since it acknowledge the work of our artisans and their various trades worldwide.

With all these novelties, Cuenca Destination continues to work to build a safe, diverse and wonderful city, ideal to offer successful meetings.

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