Adventure in Isabela

Isabela Island is the largest of the Galapagos archipelago islands and is made up of a chain of volcanoes united by the base. It makes the 60% of the Galapagos surface and so it stands as the ideal place to observe prehistoric animals and unique species. 

Here's our Top 5 Adventure Activities in this paradise location 1,000 km from mainland Ecuador.


Dive into the Pacific Ocean among fantastic moving colors of fish, rays, sea iguanas, sea lions, penguins, seahorses, gold fish and many more sea life. 

There very famous diving spots but the most important ones are Los Túneles or Tintoreras. A specialized guide will accompany you on the adventure adding data to the trip.


Each place is magical and the species that live in harmony with man will always appear so that you can photograph them, remember to stay two meters from the animals. The places preferred by travelers are the route to the wetlands, the Wall of Tears, the flamingo pool and the Giant Turtle Breeding Center. During the trip, observe the landscape, capture beautiful photographs and enjoy the attention of the inhabitants.


There are trails that demand more preparation and physical condition, such as the route to the Sierra Negra and Chico volcanoes, the latter located on the slopes of the first volcano. Adventurers enjoy this part of the Galapagos National Park, a protected area of ​​the country, where you will walk on petrified lava of black, yellow and red colors. Also feel the heat that emanates from the volcano when you put your hand through small cracks.

Horseback rides

Another option to enjoy beautiful landscapes, from the Isabela volcanoes, is the horse ride. You get to the first viewpoint of the Chico volcano, a place known as a mooring, from here you go on foot to the summit. Other options are access to the Sierra Negra volcano and horse-riding sulfur mines; You can also meet them if you go on foot. Remember to go with a guide and food and water supplies to recharge.

Bike rides

And finally life can be more delicious on a bike, feeling the breeze brush your cheeks. For this reason, Isabela lets you discover its corners pedaling. The most traditional route will direct you to the Wetlands sector, the Wall of Tears, the Turtle Breeding Center, and continue towards the place called Los Mangos and end in Campohard. A whole adventure on wheels awaits you on this island, the archipelago, with thousands of charms and options to learn about the importance of conservation and sustainable tourism.


Check out our Touristic Guide. 

Beautiful species, unique landscapes, delicious gastronomy, learning and adventures await you in Isabela. Remember that Ecuador's tourism needs you, that's why we want to commit you, when we can travel, to visit the 24 provinces of the country. Be part of our community of travelers, share your best photos in Isabela with the hashtag #TePrometoEcuador

The Isabela charm


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