Biking the jungle of Zamora

bike ride is an excellent way to discover Zamora city in the Amazonian province of Zamora Chinchipe. Known as the city of birds and waterfalls, Zamora is city to enjoy both on a slow ride and a fast downhill adventure.

It is located at 970 m.a.s.l. right on the joining point for the Zamora, Bombuscaro and Jamboé rivers. The city has a unique mountainous terrain home for the ShuarSaragurosAfro-ecuadorians and mestizos people.

To begin this adventure we ask the companion of Fernando Ortega, a local athelte and great guide who knows and masters many adventure tourism modalities such as: paragliding, rafting, bungee jumping and cycling.

Our host starts by mentioning the importance of the right equipment and physical readiness for outdoors activities while he handles me a bicycle suitable for my size. For a good biking activity, he recommends wearing cycling shorts, a nylon shirt, gloves, short socks and shoes suitable for cycling and a helmet. Cotton shirts are not recommended because of the humid weather.

With all set and after a quick warm-up and stretching, we departed from the pier on the banks of the Zamora River, an inspirational starting point for writers and nature enthusiasts as well, heading to the Santa Elena area to cross the Bombuscaro River.

Let’s remember that cycling is more than just a ride. On our way we can enjoy the landscape and the view of the three jungle as the ZamoraBombuscaro and Jamboé rivers make their wayWe are moving along a road that Fernando says will soon become a bike path, which would be the first in the Ecuadorian Amazon with all its gear. 

We pass near the Shuar communnity Martín Ujukam, where its inhabitants have entreprenerd into community tourism and are eager to share their knowledge, flavors and ancient customs to all visitors.

Before reaching our destination we got some time to enjoy the crystal clear waters of the «El Aventurero» waterfall. But what caught the group‘s attention was the majestic Yamila giant trees at least 196 feet high. Our guide told us they’re considered a Forestal Heritage of Zamora. To get an idea of ​​how huge they are, it takes at least forty people to circle the diameter of their base. No doubt, the scenes we’ve enjoyed are worth illustrating a mountain storybook.

After traveling approximately 6 miles, we arrive at the Timbara parishknown as the land of sugarcane and «melcocha», a local sweet, and also as the center of brown sugar production.

Traveling by bicycle to discover the lush landscapes and attractions of Ecuador and the Four Worlds without haste, is simply fascinating. Until next time… We continue traveling through Ecuador and its destinations. Don’t miss out, #DiscoverEcuadorFromHome and share with us your best photographs.

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