Energize in the Pallatanga waterfalls

There’s always something fun to do in Ecuador, the ideal destination to experience new and unique experiences year round. Here you just have to pack your bags, plan some essentials for the adventure and enjoy all the wonders that the country of the four worlds has.

We recently toured the central Andes, to the south west part of Chimborazo, a 4 hour 45 minutes ride away from Quito to Pallatanga, a beautiful destination that receives visitors with a subtropical climate and inspire adventurers to canyon down impressive waterfalls, hike through greenish mountains and discover new views of the magical moors.

The Pallatanga experience has many routes through enigmatic waterfalls. One of them is San Jorge Route, full of charm and biodiversity that includes three ecological trails: San Jorge Bajo, Guangashi – La Tigrera and Chazasal.

Its a site to walk amid lush vegetation with the soundtrack of local birds, a path that produces extremely pleasant feelings of tranquility. During the journey you can survey the landscapes from various natural viewpoints.

The La Tigrera waterfall finds its way between enormous rockhills, it has a almost 98 feet drop of crystal clear water and a lagoon at the bottom often used as a pool by locals. They claim its waters are energetic and powerfull enough to make you forget all daily problems.

Its trails through the ecological circuit are well signalized so do walk freely but remember to wear comfortable clothing and aproppiate walking shoes. Throughout the tour you can discover multiple waterfalls with identical characteristics, embellished by its crystal clear waters and abundant natural surroundings.

Another of the touristic options is Trigoloma route, which keeps the enigmatic waterfall of San Rafael formed by a beautiful crystal clear waterfall. Its medical properties happen as it touches your skin cleaning all the mud of. A place to feel the freshness and tranquility of the healing nature.

On the way you can savor the delicious tortillas made from wheat flour and fresh cheese served with a cup of freshly grinded coffee, they will be the appropriate option to continue your adventure.

The canton has countless waterfalls with many trails and highlights including the Huaro Waterfall (the Phantom Waterfall), a spectacular waterfall of the Coco River, in the form of a pipe sculpted in the rock, along a path that takes you a day in the most spectacular cloud forest in the province of Chimborazo.

Also, the waterfall in Las Rosas, about 98 feet above the Maguazo river, the San Jorge waterfall of 262 feet fall, the waterfall of «Get out if you can», a few miles from the Cornelio Dávalos bridge and the waterfall of Solitude in the middle of a virgin forest.

To keep the energy up while performing all these touristic modalities, we recommend to try some of our delicious and desired dishes such as: the fritada served with white hominy and plantain, the delicious roasted corn with cheese, the sancocho, roasted wheat tortillaslots of cassava and potato tortillas.

For this and many more reasons do not expect others to tell you, come to Pallatanga and enjoy it yourself in the companion of our welcoming people and guides that will take you touring the central Andes of Ecuador.

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