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This is a land of diversity and even if you’ve visited its four worlds, there are many corners of Ecuador that you have not yet discovered. Today we’ll go down to the bowels of the Earth to feel the beating of the underworld in a paradise for cavers. This exploration on Ecuadorian caves and caverns requires us to be physically ready to descend, swim and dive in the dark exploring the depth of the Earth in Ecuador.

The Grotto of Peace

To risk a glance into the dark, we’ll start asking the Virgin itself permission. Well go up to the cloudy province of Carchi to the Grotto of Peace, named after the statue graciously standing inside the cave among candle lights, the Lady of Peace. The cave, 492 feet deep, has stalactites and stalagmites growing in the natural rock formations that were the result of debris avalanches, lahars and lava flows. From the city of Quito, the car ride takes 4h30 hours to San Gabriel, 18 km from this sacred site.

Los Tayos Cave

A formation more than 200 million years old, located in the Limón Indanza canton of the Morona Santiago province. It is located in a mountain range known as the Cordillera del Cóndor. Its name honours the birds that live inside the cave “los tayos.” This specie has well adapted to an underground way of living between stalagmites, waterfalls, terraces, leakings, passageways, and many symmetrical rock formations in many underground chambers. This cave became famous after the 1976 co-expeditions of the governments of Ecuador and the United Kingdom.

Jumandy Caverns

Another fun site to explore hides in the province of Napo, in the Archidona canton. When you tour its insides, the path leads you to underground water currents where stalactites and stalagmites grow. It is located within the forest where you can observe the natural formations of permeable calcareous rocks creating rocky bodies with many gracious shapes. Feel the energy of the Earth on guided tours where you’ll learn more about one of the most representative underground sites of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Guayacanes Cave

Another place of mysticism in the Yantzaza canton of the Zamora Chinchipe province is this cave, 115 feet long and 9 feet high. Travelers enjoy the Discovery of the depths of the Earth and its age through stalactites and stalagmites all round. Here you can observe flying fauna like bats and other forms of underground life that will impress you walking slowly over fossil remains. Guided walks with many stories await you in this place of shocking beauty and mystery.

Ceremonial cave temple

Finally, we retreat ourself for a more up to date (in geological terms) ceremonial ancient ritual inside a cave located in the Archidona canton, in the Napo province. The Kichwa families in the area still use medicinal plants to clean the chakras of the communnity and visitors. Additionally, inside you can see several rock formations from millions of years ago, which are now admired and take you on an adventure trip, explore the depth of the earth.

To make the tours, adventurers must hire certified tour operators that guarantee the safety of those who enjoy this activity, which in some cases requires high physical training for swimming, diving, climbing and walking long stretches. Discover a parallel world in the caves and caverns of Ecuador. Learn about some adventure options:


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