Five delicacies from Azuay

Good in salty and good in sweet as well. If you want to indulge yourself a treat then you should definitely give a gastronomic visit to Azuay and walk around its towns and city‘s streets to try some local delicacies we all Ecuadorians are proud of. If you have the chance to walk around old town Cuenca, for instance, then you should try nearby sweet stores for traditional and high-quality candies and chocolates. I remember, from days before all this isolation, a 2 meter wide store with a 1.5 meter long table on the entrance full of the most extraordinary and delicious bites of joy. And «guilty-less«, so to say, because «they’re all very healthy,» I remember the old woman told me. Made out of love and some other rare ingredients as carrots, ginger, sweet potato, honeymintherbs and all the goods our land provides. 

When you can travel again, remember to buy some food and goods from our Ecuadorians hands. The best combination for a sweet treat will always be someone’s smile. After all this, do take the time to ask the local chocolatiers about its love for its metier, and you’ll see how sweeter Ecuadorian cacao is. We know you miss the taste and the touch but for nowlets hold on to our bucket list of all we should give a try when the world opens its doors again. We‘d like to suggest five of our dishes that will honor the old saying: «A full belly and a happy heart.»

Mote pillo

Hominy corn is part of the identity of Azuay. Several tradictional dishes are prepared with the «shima» and white varieties of hominy corn. The main ones are: «mote pillo», «mote pata» and «mote sucio» each one with a particular flavor, color and aroma. Formerly it was cooked in clay pots with firewood so to get the perfect softness. The «mote pillo» is prepared with eggs, cheese and butter; the «mote sucio» with butter and the result of frying pork; and the «mote pata» which is a soup with pork rib.



This delight is one of the many varieties of wraps that Ecuador and its provinces has. It is made with lightly cooked cornmeal along with many fillings as pork or chicken, carrots, hard-boiled eggs, raisins and tender peas. It is served as a starter or along with rice and pork. The mix is wrapped in «achira» leafs and then steamed in big pots called «tamaleras».

Roasted "cuy"

A traditional dish from countryside of Ecuador. The guinea pig is a type of rodent that grows in hatcheries of several families who take care and trade the animal. This protein has long been marinated with garlic and saltprior to roasting. In additionit is served with cooked potato and hominy. Tradition says that after eating it you should drink a cinnamon beverage to avoid the cuy stomach «kicking».

Potatoes and skin

This is a delicious soup prepared with peeled and boiled small potatoes with milk and some pork leather or skin that will give a particular protein touch to the dish. The best companions are avocado and, of course, «ají de sambo» a sort of chili sauce made of a local fruit 


Nabón, a canton of the Azuay province, produces this medicinal herb which is cultivated in orchards and it is the livelihood for families working on agriculture. This refreshing drink is prepared with various medicinal plants such linseed, spearmint, «ataco», lemon, peppermint, chamomile, «cola de caballo,» among others; It also includes flowers like roses, carnations and hollyhocks. It is served both hot or cold, with a touch of lemon juice.

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