Floreana, Galapagos magic island

Now that you are locked at home we want to take you on a virtual trip to a dream destination to experience some freedom: Floreana, a natural paradise of warm tropical climate and welcoming species.

The Floreana island is located at the southeast of the Galapagos archipelago, a few hours on boat from Santa Cruz and a few hours more from continental Ecuador. 

It is one of those places where you can hear the sound of peace and feel the harmony between humans and nature. After all, it is an island on the pacific ocean. So lets scape our confinement and enjoy these interesting facts that make Floreana magical island.

Its dazzling landscapes are a volcanic mixture of rock and white sand beaches. The arid shores are the home for lizards and iguanas and its green hills provide shade and food for turtles to thrive under the radiant sun. A harsh environment yet green for the grace of a fresh-water spring, well, more of a slow liking wall yet good enough to hold life.

Intriguing affaires

We took the time to talk to some islanders to get some background history of first settlers and how hard life was back then. It took us into long conversations and impressive tales of whalers, buccaneers and mystery. Among them the famous story of the Baroness of Floreana, an Austrian lady, named Eloise von Wagner who arrived to the island with her companions Robert Philippson and Rudolf Lorenz.

The Baroness took absolute possession of the island, some say, seizing old houses abandoned by the Norwegians Ritter and issuing orders at her convenience. Situation that bothered the other settlers of that time: the Wittmer family.

The Baroness was a visionary of tourism at this paradisiacal archipelago. Rumor has it she wanted to build an exclusive luxurious resort for millionaires. A story of love and intrigue has blur the facts that lead to it disappearance in March 1934. 

Eloisa Wagner disappeared without a trace. No one knows the reason why and despite the years it remains an unsolved mystery with so many twists an turns that we’ll probably never totally understand what really happened. 

Natural beauty

Take a walk by the pier of Puerto Velasco Ibarra and feel the breeze against your body announcing the adventure to come on this piece of quietness far from the world’s buzz. Floreana’s 150 islanders do know how to preserve the land and keep the harmony while providing top quality treat to its guests.

If you travel to this destination, remember to visit places like Post Office Bay, which is located in the northern part of Floreana, a place of history of pirates and whalers of yesteryear. Remember to bring a postcard with you to deliver it in this peculiar outpost in the middle of nowhere. 

The island makes possible to relax and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the digital world, get some rest and reconnect with biodiversity.

Climb to the summit of the Asilo de la Paz hill, a 1476 feet high volcanic formation that makes for a great viewpoint and also take a tour to the Cueva de los Piratas, the only spring around that supplies fresh water to the island. The site was home to the first inhabitants, Dr. Friedrich Ritter and his partner Dora Strauch.


Floreana’s cuisine is based mainly on seafood such as canchalagua, a mollusk that thrives on rocks and caught by fishermen only on full moon nights.

Cassava, grown on their backyards, is another ingredient you’ll enjoy. The freshness, texture and flavor of this root are unique specially when we think that the whole island is a volcanic ground.

Canchalagua pizzacanchalagua with garlic, ceviche and other seafood dishes makes the islander menu.

Special guidelines

Discover the wonders of Floreana and get the reatreat your soul needs at a touristic paradise but help us keep it clean and safe for generations to come.

Respect nature and always keep the distance from wildlife. Follow your guide’s rules inside the protected areas of the archipelago and avoid water waste.

Plan your trip in advance and contract the touristic services best fit for you with regulated local operators in Galapagos.

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