Future fun on the Ecuadorian coast

These are difficult times, we know, when we can’t do what we love the most: being out, in the wildwandering around the four worlds of this wonderfull Ecuador. So today we‘re switching things around to bring Ecuador into your home instead! #DiscoverEcuadorFromHome / #DescubreEcuadorDesdeCasa is our proposal that takes you on a virtual trip to our most beloved destinations. We’ve also gathered a bunch of fun activities that can be carried out on the Ecuadorian Coast.

#StayHome / #QuédateEnCasa for you, for those you love, for Ecuador. Take the time to catch up on Ecuadorian literature, cinema or upgrading your own way an all times recipe. Lets fall in love with Ecuador again and catch up with the latest of our cultural industries from home, because future adventures on the Ecuadorian outdoors are taking a breath too, waiting patiently for us taking care of itself while we take care of the ones we love.

We’ve compiled these outdoors activities in the Ecuadorian Coastland just to remind you of the importance of having lists in life, a mindset and a bucket list. Let’s start our way out by checking the boxes on this list of fun activities to perform year round in the Ecuadorean coast. If you reach us nostalgic from abroad please let us know what slice of Ecuador you miss the most and remember, Do not cancel your trip to Ecuador! Thats our only advice because we know that your wanderer spirit will take you back to these fun places in the Ecuadorian Coast.


Manabí has ​​a very diverse geography with some wide beaches, hills and cliffs that allow the practice of a wide range of adventure activities in all of its corners. Crucita and Canoa stand out among the beach sides, ready for paragliding and wind and water related activities. Let‘s say it’s call for adrenaline rush while admiring the coasts of Ecuador from above. Another site to jump into the seabreeze is Cerro Blanco, in Guayaquil, which dazzles with beautiful landscapes that blend the city with the background of the Cerro Blanco Ecological Reserve.

Horseback riding

The haciendas on the Ecuadorian Coastland are open spaces to get an up close look of countryside life. It’s a world of cowboys and wide productive lands. Long rides along trails through impressive landscapes of coastal beauty. There are several touristic ventures that allow travelers a horseback riding on the beach and the highlands as well. From the seaside to the snowy peaks of the Andes, the slow pace of a horseback ride will allow you to enjoy the quite beauty of the natural world. 


Submerge yourself into the marine world of the Ecuadorian coastal profile. Interact with endemic species and feel freedom with this activity. Guides with international guarantees take you to a magical world, underwater. Galapagos, is not the only site for this activity, there are other sites such as: Isle el Pelea (Santa Elena); Punta Mala, Los AhorcadosPunta Piqueros (Puerto López); and Los Frailes (Machalilla) where you will observe goldfish, seahorses, corals and more.


The hook will surely catch a great fish to enjoy in your food. Ecuador has a large stretch of beach, and its fishing villages have a livelihood alternative, through this activity, which allows novices and experts to get up close to the life of fishermen and of course travel the immeasurable sea. In several places there are family or friends tours to live a different adventure. Remember that future adventures on the Ecuadorian coast await you.


An intense encounter with the waves is experienced on Ecuadorian beaches. Surf lovers show their skills on their boards, with balance and speed feel the energy of the sea. Montañita, the surf capital of the country, is one of the ideal places to experience adventure, on one of the best beaches in the Pacific. Other places are Canoa and San Cristóbal (Galapagos archipelago) that have warm waters and spectacular waves for surfers. But there are more places in Esmeraldas, Manabí, Guayas and Santa Elena with schools for teaching this sport.

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