Ingapirca and its Inca ruins to worship the Sun

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A winding path surrounded by green pastures and vast crops takes us to Ingapirca, perhaps one of the most interesting places to learn about the history of the Incas and ancient pre-Inca people that inhabited Ecuador.

Ingapirca is a parish located in Cañar, 9,95 miles from its center, and that has the privilege of holding the largest and best preserved archaeological site in Ecuador, its climate is cold so it is advisable to wear warm and waterproof clothing such as scarves, wool hats and gloves.

Upon arrival at the parish you will be struck by the impressive stone construction that rises in front of you as a welcome sign from the ancient cultures: The Archaeological Complex of Ingapirca. As you enter the site, you will feel a special energy. Even if you are reluctant to this type of beliefs, you will feel that Ingapirca fills you with energy and vibrates full of mysticism and power.

Touring the complex takes approximately one hour and at each step its history will surround you and transport you back in time, to those all days when the Cañaris worshipers of the Moon and the Inca worshipers of the Sun lived together, two cultures that learned to coexist by respecting each other’s beliefs and traditions.

The remains of Ingapirca will amaze you when arriving to the Temple of the Sun, a stone construction known as “El Castillo”, ‘the castle’, from where you can see all the latitudes of Cañar, a sight that back then was only reserved for the Inca elite.

Each June, the ellipse becomes the most wanted site of Ingapirca. We all want to be there with the sole purpose of receiving the energy of the Sun, either at dawn or sunset, and thank the Pachamama for the harvests and life. With the wind hitting your face and your mind flying towards other times you will feel that your body is full of energy wanting that moment to last forever.

Ingapirca is 15 minutes from the cantonal center of Cañar, Archaeological and Cultural Capital of Ecuador and only one hour from Cuenca. Come and meet the ancient Inca legacy.

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