Labyrinths of Chiguaza

One of the main natural and touristic attractions of Morona Santiago province is the so-called Labyrinths of Chiguaza, which are located at the junction of the Pastaza and Chiguaza riversapproximately 35 miles from the city of Macas, on the Macas-Puyo road and approximately 40 miles from the city of Puyo.

Upon arriving at this natural site, we went to Rómulo Galarza‘s place for a quite illustrative visit of the tourist complex called Los Laberintos de Chiguaza. He advised us on the need to hire an authorized guide to explore the mazes and introduced us to other attractions such as the local fauna like Tayos, bats and the fossil zone.


The famous Chiguaza labyrinths are rock formations located on a small hill approximatedly 10 acres wide with only half of it’s complete area explored, according to our guide. The pass of time and erosion have formed stonewall paths up to 5 meters high. The walls itself are a museum worth touring for on its walls you’ll admire many petrified marine fossils such as shells and snails.

The tour goes through its passageways in the middle of nature where you’ll see many flowers of incredible beauty. Bird watching is another activity as well as observing other wildlife such as insects, amphibians, butterflies, caterpillars and arachnids that can be spot throughout the area.

Marine fossil

Huamboya is ideal for the expedition of scientists, botanists, archaeologists, researchers and explorers, for concentrating a large number of vestiges of marine fossils, important for the various scientific branches, since they allow us to know what life was like on our planet and according to our young man Max guide, belonged to the Cretaceous period. During this period, almost all of what constitutes Ecuador today was covered by the waters of the oceans. Because of this, the Cretaceous fossils of Ecuador correspond to marine animals.

How to get there?

The reference we told at the beginning of the blog, today we just want to remind you that the place is located at kilometer 56 via Macas-Puyo, 600 meters from the Obenques bridge over the Pastaza river, it turns to the right side to take the old route no paved and we crossed the suspension bridge over the Chiguaza river and we have arrived. Enjoy this little piece of Paradise.

When things return to normal, we invite you to live the adventure of tourism in this little piece of Ecuadorian paradise. Meanwhile # QuédateEnCasa and #DesvereEcuadorDesdeCasa with the contents that we bring to you every week.

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