Life in Floreana

We’ve hand picked the best destinations of Ecuador to deliver the best content for you. Today we’ll talk about one special island in the Galapagos archipelago that’s located a few hours south on boat from the airport of Baltra: Floreana Island; and although its name might relate to flowers it was actually named after Juan José Flores, the Ecuadorian President who claimed the whole archipelago for the Republic of Ecuador.

We are sure that we will travel soon so we want to feed your enthusiasm with some interesting facts and insights to Floreana. Go ahead, do plan your trip to the country of the four worlds!


The incredible Galapagos ecosystem is worldwide recognized for it is one of the best preserved places in the planet. Its community gets constantly involved on the protection and reproduction of its biodiversity. Islanders have interiorized through time the importance of a harmonious and rational development of all human activities to reduce impact and so they now cope well with restrictions and limitations for its fragile environment that, however, still challenges life.

The connection between human settlements and marine ecosystems tells us that every action will influence on the sustainability of this fragile destination. Low impact and eco-friendly ways of living are goals set by the need of switching the agricultural impact on nature. The fragile turtle species that remain on the island had to deal with predators from the continent and other regions. Wildlife control has been a huge issue on this fragile land so every effort its inhabitants enforce should be endorsed by all visitors.

Sustainable tourism

Floreana Island is considered the pioneer in human settlements on the archipelago and also a pioneer of touristic industry in the Galapagos islands. In the 1930s, the Baroness, a famous inhabitant of the island, wanted to create a luxury hotel for millionaires in the Pacific and she found the right place with a natural fresh-water spring in Floreana. 

Now a days tourism is the main economic activity on land and sea. Villagers benefit from this activity that promotes educational and conscious tourism to preserve their environment for generations to come. This is true not only to Floreana but to the whole archipelago as well. But remember that as a tourist we all have a share on keeping our impact low.

Conscious farming

Some residents have dedicated their lives to farm this volcanic lands and provide the island with local organic products. Islanders of Floreana get most of their healthy and nutritious food from their own land so being a marina, this activity demands responsible, intelligent and friendly practices, besides dedication and water. For instance, there are some guidelines to pests and plagues treatment carried out to reduce harm on the soil and local vegetation.

There’s a special control on introduced frutal species to avoid harm on local birds and other fauna. Agricultural land is restricted to few areas and specific production amounts according to the island needs. 

Island life

Sea is part of the daily life to Floreanians, therefore, seafood is the main ingredient for their meals as well as a source of income. Fishing is only allowed on short scale and for this reason, this island is considered a destination with sustainable practices. There are exclusive areas to catch fish and thus not avoid affecting marine life. Canchalagua, lobster, fish, octopus and other seafood are allowed on the menu for delicious meals.

Seafood and sustainability

Fall in love with floreana’s unique delicacies that unite on a plate products from the sea and the land. One of the most delicious cassavas are cultivated on this island, tuber, which grows in its productive soils. So also canchalagua, a mollusk, with great flavor is the letter of presentation of the Florian seasoning. But these two ingredients are the first step to the gastronomic offer of the area, with dishes that are mostly marine, which are enjoyed 1000 km from continental Ecuador.

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