Live a community based tourism experience in San Vicente de Caney

Ecuador has many features that assure the best cultural, outdoors, gastronomic and adventure activities. This week we’d like to invite you on a journey through a hidden treasure in the province of Zamora Chinchipe: the community of San Vicente de Caneylocated in the southeast of the country and at the northwest of the city of Yantzaza, a secret gem indeed powerful enough to connect you with ancient knowledge and healing greenery.

The first must do in Caney is a respectful visit Saint Vincent’s Chapel and religiously examine its murals that summarize local religious festivities and traditions throughout the year. Take a walk on the orchardsnearby farms and family gardens that invite tourists to enjoy the calmness of rural life. Walking around the town you‘ll find many workshops where artisans create beautiful accessories and souvenirs. Remember to share some piece of Ecuador with your friend and family back home.

If your more of an adventurer type, you can try your underground exploring skills at the cave «El Oso» where you will find stalactites and stalagmites on open galleries and corridors. The horseback ride to the cave itself is a beautiful experience enjoying the Ecuadorian Amazon landscape. This green natural road to the cave will work as a preparation through healing environments for a later ritual of cleansing and purification inside the cave. A purification and detox experience that shows how healing can nature be when we take the time to enjoy its presence. Be sure to be physically fit to all outdoors activities and wear comfortable clothing.

Locals of this region still celebrate any rituals and festivities to showcase how alive and rich is our culture: Taita Punchayuk (celebration to Saint Vincent) Sisa Paccha (contest of Balconies and Flowery Gardens); Inti Raymi (Festival of the SunGod); Capac Raymi (First month of the Inca calendar) and Pawkar Raymi (Ancestral festival of water and flowers).

How to get there?

Starting point: Yantzaza, Zamora Chinchipe.

1 Option: public transport that departs from the Bus Station of Yantzaza. There are three means of transportation: 

Cooperativa NambijaYantzaza and Zamora, with 9 daily frequencies from 06:30 to 19:00. The cost of the ride is $ 1.00.

2 Option:  Taxi cabs of pick ups that depart from the central park of Yantzaza, the average cost is $ 6.00.

3 Option: Private transportation. Take the Amazonian troncal roadentering through the Chicaña parish.
Travel time is 40 to 60 minutes approx. 

We remind you to plan your visit in advance with the Community. 

Find them on Facebook as «Community Tourism San Vicente de Caney» and find the best activities and tours for you. 

San Vicente de Caney is waiting for you.

Visit Yantzaza

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