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The «Port City» celebrates 487 years of a thriving life on the banks of the Daule and Guayas rivers. Today, like every July, the «Pearl of the Pacific» is decked out in festive colours that enhance its cosmopolitan atmosphere and celebrate in style its identity projected into the future.

During these July festivities, we invite you to enjoy a variety of activities in unique areas of the metropolis where you will feel all its history, tradition and avant-garde.

What to do?

Like every year, the municipality has organised several events to celebrate the city. The parades take on the streets and museums, galleries and squares open their doors to welcome tourists. We invite you to visit the iconic places of Guayaquil such as the Historic Park, Seminario Park, Simón Bolivar Boardwalk, “Las Peñas”, Santa Ana Hill, Santay Island, Lake Park and “Hondo” Port.

Where to stay?

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Oro Verde Hotel

Oro Verde is an excellent choice for visitors coming to the city for leisure or business. All hotel services are oriented to comfort its guests with air-conditioned rooms, minibar and free wifi. It also has free parking, swimming pool, gym and room service, all in an excellent location close to several iconic spots of the city such as the Saint Francis Church and the Palace of the Governor’s Office. It will undoubtedly be the ideal place to discover the essence of the city.

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Holiday Inn Airport

For travellers looking for relaxation and a familiar atmosphere, Holiday Inn Guayaquil is the place to stay. Its services and charming atmosphere are designed to guarantee a pleasant stay for travellers. It is strategically located near the city’s airport, the Convention Centre and the Schoenstatt Sanctuary. Its rooms feature modern LED TVs, minibar, refrigerator and free high-speed wifi; it also has free parking for guests, airport shuttle service, gym and outdoor pool.


Unipark Hotel

Located in the heart of Guayaquil, this modern hotel offers guests the convenience of a stay just minutes from the city’s main tourist sites and in the centre of the commercial and business sector, 15 minutes from the airport. Its elegant rooms provide all the tranquillity and comfort guests need for a comforting rest. All rooms have individually controlled air-conditioning, safety deposit box, mini-bar, broadband internet connection and cable TV.

Where to eat?

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Le Gourmet


This famous restaurant located in the Oro Verde Hotel is considered one of the best restaurants in the city. It fuses traditional Ecuadorian meals with French haute cuisine with signature dishes such as the veal ribs stuffed with Andean blueberries, or its tasting menu with local ingredients such as Ecuadorian cocoa. The modern ambience, excellent service and exquisite menu are the hallmarks of this restaurant that complements your stay in Guayaquil.

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This cosmopolitan restaurant takes diners on a journey through contemporary Nikkei cuisine with a menu of Peruvian-Japanese dishes and a rich menu specialising in seafood and Pacific coast produce. This place combines elegance with the comfort of a relaxed atmosphere. The “mise en place” is a visual delight that anticipates the delight provided by each dish prepared with gastronomic technique and the best ingredients. Mikka provides a culinary experience capable of transporting diners around the world of flavours.

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It is located in the Santa Ana area, on the 35th floor of The Point building, from where diners will enjoy a privileged view of the Guayas River and the city. This signature restaurant certainly defines the term «fine dining with a view». Its varied menu offers traditional and world dishes such as sushi, nigiri, sashimi, omakase, ceviches, steaks, pasta, delicious desserts and a varied menu of cocktails and spirit drinks. All this in a pleasant atmosphere with the best view and a decoration that immerses diners in the greenery that surrounds Guayaquil. 

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River Market

Guayaquil is a culinary experience and its traditional and contemporary flavours are displayed in more than 600 dishes of traditional and nouvelle Ecuadorian cuisine that are daily offered in this gastronomic market. This avant-garde space, strategically located in view of the Guayas River, offers the comfort of an air-conditioned restaurant with excellent service, without losing the essence of traditional flavours. It brings together 24 restaurants, 2 bars and 3 carts in three categories: tradition, innovation and influence. It is a fine and modern place set as a tribute to what was historically the point of entry and depart of Guayaquil’s products.

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Casa Julián

It is located in the middle of the tropical environment of the Historic Park of Guayaquil, in a heritage house with luxurious decoration and with a privileged view of the Daule River. It is a quiet place to dine in Guayaquil and at the same time escape from the rhythm of the city amidst the sounds of birds and the refreshing breeze from the river. It specializes in seafood and a combination of dishes made with local ingredients such as cocoa, banana, avocado and coconut. Other traditional dishes with a modern twist include ceviches, paiche, “seco de ternera”, “humitas” and goat cheese foam. They have a tasting menu and a bar with exquisite cocktails.

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