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Ecuador is a country for adventurers. Adrenaline calls you on each corner of its four worlds, to live unforgettable experiences in the wild in one of the most megadiverse destinations in the World. Here are 5 adventure offers for tourists in Ecuador.

Recreational fishing:

Cumandá is located in Andean side of the border between the Chimborazo province and the Guayas province. It’s the place where the Andes basis meets the coastal lands and so it offers many touristic activities to enjoy with the family by the banks of the Chimbo river. Ecological trails, rapids, exuberant vegetation and the sweet taste of sugarcane are the main features on this area. Recreational Fishing is one of the main activities in this zone. Travelers can fish on their rivers and enjoy the fished meal seasoned with the local flavors.

To better know the touristic offer of this destination, contact José Oñate, at 0991461481

Waterfalls route:

Baños de Agua Santa is a city within the province of Tungurahua, ideal for adventure activities and to enjoy some time in contact with Nature. From Baños to Puyo there are more than a dozen waterfalls, travelers going from one city to the other can observe its beauty and listen to the sound of water falling and slamming against the rocks. Short walk trails are available with many bridges and cable cars to get up close to these natural formations.

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Watching at the sea and the coastal vegetation from the heights is a great adventure that you can live in Crucita, a beautiful beach by the Manabí province. From a hill nearby, approximately 100 meters high, travelers can jump into adventure and enjoy the Pacific Coast from a different perspective. The wind force in this area is adequate for a paragliding 15 minutes’ average trip. No previous experience needed, the only important thing is to hire for the activity authorized guides only.

For more information, contact: 0992314594

Rock climbing:

In Cuyuja, in the Napo province, adventurers who practice climbing have dozens of routes and tourist facilities for this sport. The Amazonian landscape with its intense greenery introduces us to a natural experience that liberates the body in contact with nature. In the surroundings there are several restaurants, lodging options and many fun activities to enjoy the Ecuadorian Amazon.

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Mindo is one of the best sites for birdwatching in Ecuador. Located in the San Miguel de los Bancos parish, Pichincha province, this site is considered one of the best to watch a wide diversity of species in Ecuador. In this area inhabits a third of the 1,6000 species of Ecuador. Mindo was declared the first IBA (Important Bird Area) of South America.

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