«Milagro» a journey of experiences

We know you’re the adventurous type, that’s why today we’ll take you on a trip to Milagro. An outback canton full of charm, experiential tourism and rural life. That’s the scent of this lovely spot in the coastal province of Guayas. Milagro is the right place for adventure lovers and those who seek fun in the great outdoors.

Known as the land of the pineapple; the fruit is the most iconic product from this side of our productive coastlands. So it has been granted a special spot in the city, at the Sugar Route, for a huge monument. History says that long ago most of Milagro families where dedicated to the crops of this sweet yellow good, which is the basis for its economic sustenance. At that time, production bordered the thousand hectares of crops, with a population of about 160 thousand inhabitants.

Pineapple production has decreased while many other activities have rise. Locals have now found on touristic activities an alternative income and so the add farming experiences in agricultural lands.

By the kilometer 26 from the Las Pilas- Barcelona route you’ll find the Cumandá EstateFarm. Upon entering, the magical aroma of the food of the gods will invade your senses. Within at least 15 hectares of cocoa plants, 500 quintals of the CCN51 and other improved national cocoa varieties are produced annually, according to data Rodhy Espinoza, the owner. On this site you’ll get the chance to live the whole bean to bar experience and learn how to prepare your own artisan chocolate. Also you’ll get some paradise treat with a wide variety of seasonal fruits.

Another place to see is the Finca Chaparral, located on the Milagro – Naranjito road (at the Beldaco area). Here you’ll immerse yourself in its natural spaces to relax in hammocks while you contemplating the landscape. Then do various adventure activities and taste delicious traditional meals.

Sarita Miranda, the farm owner, receives all travelers with a small speech about the flavors of cocoa, the importance of the fruit, how to harvest, among other interesting facts.

To walk through Milagro is to know a city of opportunities that create businesses combining agriculture, nature and gastronomy. A destination to savor pineapple and a variety of fruits such as: banana, orange, watermelon and others.

Here you have a complete touristic offer dedicated to agricultural tourism. And although this city many years ago ceased to be the capital of pineapple in the country, the town offers various spaces for healthy recreation.

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