Misahuallí, a place of charm in the Amazon

If you are looking to escape the daily routine into a place where you can feel surrounded by nature, fresh air and far from the chaos of the big cities; the best option is a forest to hide and there is not better spot than the Amazon jungle. This time we want to tell you about Puerto Misahuallí, a destination to fall in love with for its magical combination of nature, adventure and culture.

Puerto Misahuallí is very close to Tena, the capital city of the province of Napo. Only 18 miles away. If your starting point is Quito, the capital of Ecuadorians, the distance you will travel is approximately 112 miles. You can hop on a bus at the Quitumbe Bus Station, the cost varies between $ 7.00 and $ 9.00 for a 4 – 5 hours ride. Once in Tena you can take a van that will take you to Misahuallí for $ 0.75.

In the port you will find several touristic activities to enjoy on this beautiful place. Here you can navigate the Napo River and be amazed by the greatness of the landscape and the companions of some playful local inhabitants: the Capuchin monkeys, who walk freely through the humid forest. Tourists can interact with this species, however I recommend to be cautious because of the antics these animals are used to.

One of the must do activities is visiting the river beach, located in the middle of the jungle. Its sand is soft and it stands as the starting point for other activities such as canoeing, bird watching and guided visits to nearby communities. Misahuallí it’s a spot to connect visitors with local culture.

But if you are looking for adventure, very close to the center of Misahuallí, approximately 10 minutes away, you will find the Latas Waterfalls, with well signalized trails that allow travelers to enjoy the biodiversity, flora and fauna of the site. The cost of admission is $ 1.50. I recommend to bring liquids to hydrate, and remember to take with you all the trash you produce, because we are all responsible for environmental care.

Another must see site near Misahuallí is the Jumandy Tourist Complex. To get there you must take a bus back to Tena and then a cab ride will charge you between 6 and 8 dollars to the resort. The entrance has a $ 2 cost and once inside you can taste delicious meals on its restaurant, refresh yourself in a natural pool, feel the adrenaline on slides and get some rest in jungle cabins.

Activities such as rafting, tubing and kayaking can be undertake in the rivers that surround Misahuallí, just be sure to hire specialized tour operators. In addition, you must be fit for this activities and wear the right garment such as: quick-drying clothes, an extra clothes set, shoes for walking on wet ground, sunscreen and insect repellent all this to guarantee a safe an unforgettable experience.

In short, Misahuallí is one of the magical places of the Ecuadorian Amazon that gives you the necessary facilities to have a great adventure and enjoy its naturally beautiful surroundings, making it a mandatory stop for nature lovers.

Without further delay, Enjoy!

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